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Fort Amherst – 29th January 2016 – Kym

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 29th January 2016
Chatham, Kent


Area: Radio Room
Kit & Human Pendulum

I started the night by giving the VIP’s a personal tour around the tunnels, showing them how to use the Ghost Pro’s and KII’s.  We stopped for a short while on the Gun Floor, and immediately we were sensing spirit around us.  I started feeling a static energy around me, and a pressure on my head, as if I was wearing a very tight hat.  I was also being pulled back.  I asked spirit to do this to others, and Pat (guest) to my left started being pushed & pulled back too.  We were also asking spirit to copy our whistles, and were very surprised when we heard whistles back twice, especially Luke & Jay (guests) when they heard it right next to them.

With the event starting we headed back to the guest’s area, and commenced with the three controlled sessions.  I started with the first group by showing them all the equipment, and we explored the Radio Room.  No activity on the KII’s and Sprit Box, but a lot of interaction with the Ghost Pro’s.  We then did a human pendulum, and was able to communicate with a French male from the 1600’s, aged 40+ and not married.  He was not connected to this fort.  We then had a young female spirit who had a small child, was not married, and had died young.  Then we had a male prisoner from Fort Horsted.  He had killed someone, but said he deserved it.  He had killed another person, and the prisoner had seeked revenge.  The prisoner had escaped once but had been recaptured.

With my second group again just activity on the Ghost Pro’s.  With the human pendulum we first communicated with a female who had miscarried.  Her husband was in the Navy and connected with the fort.  The second spirit that came through was her husband, who confirmed he was in the navy in WW1.  He said his ship was bombed, but by the Russians.  The ship sank but he survived.  He worked as a deck hand cleaning the ship.  After his wife had lost their child, he had an affair and fathered two children.  He was born and lived in Kent.  I wanted to know the spirit’s name, so I asked all the guests to clear their mind and ask spirit to tell them his name.  Initially we had John, then Sam, but three of us all had George, including Jenny (guest) who was in the middle with me.  Spirit confirmed that was his name but moving Jenny to yes.

My last group was too small to do a human pendulum so we just concentrated on kit.  We had a lot of activity on the ghost pro’s, communicating with George again.  On the spirit box we kept hearing a female calling what sounded like “help”.
Throughout all the sessions, people did comment that they felt they were being touched.
At the end of the night I joined most of the guests on the Gun Floor for some amazing Table Tipping with a very large table.

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Old Police Cells Museum – 13-9-2013

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


I was down in the cells for the night, and with my first group of guests we started by exploring the area and understanding the ghost equipment available to use, and immediately we had response on the Ghost Pro’s.

Feeling brave almost all of us chose to sit in cells on our own.
Geoff (guest) started off brave in the last cell but didn’t last long until he asked his wife to join him.  He was wearing a policemans helmet and had felt & seen the strap being pulled.  We then all held a seance circle in the corridor, and after a short while Michelle (guest) felt her hair, which was in a ponytail, being tugged.  We asked for spirit to do that again, and she felt her hair being tugged again.  Michelle then felt cold to her left ear, we asked spirit to do this to her right ear, and to Michelle’s surprise she felt cold to her right ear.
When Michelle looked down the corridor she saw a shadow coming out of the first cell.

Coming to the end of our session we went to the women’s cells nextdoor and got KII and ghost pro activity.

With my second group we started with the ouija board in the first cell – the planchette was moved around the board very slowly but only managed to give the letters C J N – asking if this was his initials – answered yes.
We then went to the womens cells, but with only ghost pro response we returned to cell 1 to try the ouija board again, and before we had all put our fingers on the planchette it was moving.
This was a very different energy – a lot stronger – and this was also shown by the continous lighting up of the KII’s to red.
We asked the spirit his name and got “DON” but he wouldn’t give us any more information, other than “YES” when we asked if he was a prisoner.  This spirit seemed very playful by the way he moved the planchette, and when it kept moving off the board onto the table, we removed the board and let him move it all over the table.  It moved rapidly, with lots of twisting movements, until it went completely off the table.  During this session I asked the spirit to move the torch on the table, which it rolled slightly forward and back.

That was the end of the controlled sessions, and at this point all guests and team went to the top floor of the building to explore.  We found the court room and all stayed there for a while, trying the ouija board too.  The spirit of Margaret was with us but unfortunately was unable to move the planchette.  With less than an hour left we all ventured down to the washroom with the ouija board and with some of us kneeling on the floor had some very slight movement with the planchette.

A fantastic venue with many more areas to explore…can’t wait to return

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