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Upnor Castle – 31st October 2015 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Upnor Castle ghost hunt 31st October 2015
Rochester, Kent


This was our highlight of the year, the Halloween event at a venue that doesn’t get investigated very often. The last ghost hunt held here was 6 years ago.

The event was slightly different than our usual ghost hunts because we could not let people explore the venue by themselves as the staff wanted to put the lights on every time someone wanted to move around the site. Therefore, we held 6 different sessions with all members of the GHE team holding a session.

My séance sessions were in the 2nd set of sessions in the Gatehouse. All session we had spirit join us and all sessions there was some movement from the spirit touching people, pushing them and raising their arms but the first group and the third group had the better paranormal experience with the majority of people touched, pushed and moved.

The spirits responsible were a Priest with the first group, who was not happy with us and tried to pull people apart to break the circle. When that didn’t work he pushed people to the floor and kept them there. Many guests could smell a fire or burning ropes. This was confirmed by the staff that this building had suffered from a fire in its past.

The other spirit who was with us was called Chris, he was an engineer aged in his late 50s and from 1810 period of time. He was a clock engineer and spent time repairing clocks. Whether he worked on the one at Upnor remains unanswered.

This was a great ghost hunt with all the guests having a paranormal encounter and lots of paranormal activity was experienced by all those who took part.

We hope to return to this venue in the near future

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