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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 31-10-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 31st October 2013

Area: Bedrooms 9 & 10

Equipment: Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping, Ovilus III, KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

With my first group 5 of the guests were very spiritual, and 2 were first timers to ghost hunting.  Almost all wanted to try the Ouija table, and straight away spirits were with us, showing their presence on the ghost pro’s.  The glass started moving, although we received no definite words.  The spirit was able to move the glass around the table a lot and I asked the three experienced ghost hunters to remove the fingers off the glass to show the new guests it wasn’t them, and to their amazement the glass continued to move with just the two of them!  Spirit then seemed to want to communicate via the ovilus and ghost pro.  Various spirits came forward including a maid, young man, older gentleman and possibly one of the guests’ granddads.  In this room there is a small corridor joining to room 9 and guests took it in turns to stay in there for a short while.  Some felt cold breezes brush past them, and saw white & blue lights.  Those sitting on the bed felt it vibrate and move, including myself.  This has been felt before on previous events.

With my second group we had slight movement with the glass on the Ouija table, and also tried some table tipping and lots of vibrations and movements were felt, with lots of creaking and taps underneath the table. Kerry (guest) was using the pendulum and it moved continuously in circles.  We were able to communicate with spirit using the ghost pro throughout. Kerry & Matt then stood in the corridor for a short while but came out looking very scared saying they had heard footsteps in room 9 but when checking no-one was there!

With my third group we started with table tipping and felt slight vibrations.  Guests also took turns to stand in the corridor on their own.  We also tried the dowsing rods and pendulums and were surprised with the movement.  Pendulums were spinning/stopping and vibrating on request, and the rods were moving in a very unusual way; small rapid movements to the left continuously.

Fab night again at the Red Lion

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 14-9-2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 14th September 2013
Colchester, Essex

This was our 4th visit to The Red Lion Hotel of 2013 and since we always enjoy the experience because the level of activity at the hotel always changes but there are always some common paranormal occurrences that the guests experience.

Both my sessions were in the cellar because it is here that the guests often experience the true capability of spirit energies and the level of activity is always better than the rest of the hotel, mainly because the cellar hasn’t changed for many years.

The first group to the cellar we were joined by a male energy called Colin Warden, aged in his mid-30s and passed away in 1984 in Colchester after being involved in a road traffic accident.

First of all Colin started to sway people especially Jade (guest) as he was also carrying out my instruction to move people’s arms. Many guests felt their arms move, often in strange and uncomfortable positions and mostly these movements were on command as I asked the guests to ask in their heads the direction that they wanted their arms to be moved. Colin obliged although he also did his own thing once he figured out how to move people.

During this séance lots of strange noises were heard, many of them coming from behind the walls away from the outside noise of vehicles. Shareena (guest) thought she was looking towards a window as she commented that she had just seen an outline of a person walk past the “window”, but I pointed out that there was no window and when the session finished and the lights came on Shareena was really surprised that there wasn’t anything that even looked like a window.

Many guests during the séance felt hot and some felt cold but his changed rapidly as Colin made his way around the circle and several people reported that they felt as if they were being watched which made them feel uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the session I became aware that there was another spirit with his, he was called Gordon and he is also a spirit that I have seen before at the Red Lion, although on this occasion he didn’t interact with the guests.

One of the guests also felt there was a girl aged about 7 years old called Emily with us, but I couldn’t confirm this as I didn’t see any child spirit.

The second group to the cellar we had much the same arm movement activity at first. But this time the spirit (Colin) couldn’t move around the circle as the energy wasn’t good enough (the guests weren’t encouraging him), therefore I had to move around the circle for those opposite me to sense and feel the spirit energy.

David (guest) who I stood beside felt lots of movement and as the spirit (Colin) moved him forwards and backwards and then proceeded to pull him by his arms down towards the floor. No matter what either of us said which at that point was “up” Colin dragged us down.

Once the spirit had moved or touched the majority of people very little else happened because the guests were not encouraging Colin to do anything, just standing in silence. I therefore finished the séance and we finished the session.

After our controlled sessions I joined a group of people in the outer cellar area for a Ouija board session. The spirit spelt his name as Puw and was able to answer all the questions posed by the guests. We also tried using a glass since Puw didn’t want to answer too many questions and the guests were really impressed that the glass ran around the rim of the table at great speed and was able to stop and move in the opposite direction when asked.

Various noises were also heard during this session that were not related to us or outside as it sounded like someone rearranging baubles on a Christmas tree.

I also joined some guests in room 7 where we heard some names on the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) but unfortunately they were not the names of the people present.

In a short session in the Parliament Restaurant any guest that stood in a particular part of the room felt the same sensations. The sensation of being dragged backwards through the wall.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt for some people, although it could have been better across all groups if those present actively encouraged the spirit energies to do something. Standing or sitting in silence is never going to encourage anyone to do anything. Our events are participation events, where everyone has to want to participate and to encourage the spirit to do something.

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel – 14-9-2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Red Lion Hotel Ghost Hunt 14th September 2013

I was in rooms 6 & 7 for the night, and with my first group we started in room 6 with the writing planchette.  We had slight movement, but what did surprise us the planchette kept lifting up.  Two guests went into room 7 whilst the rest stayed in 6 and tried scrying in the mirror.  The guests were seeing an older man with a goatee beard (which surprised me as guests had seen exactly this the last time I was here in room 4).  Leaving the guests continuing with this I checked the guests in room 7 and they wanted to try some glass work, so setting this up we had the glass moving around the table immediately.  All the guests in room 6 joined us, and the guests all had the opportunity to experience this.  The glass continued to move around the table, in rapid circles when asked, however feeling the spirit was male (possibly Jack or Michael) when we did ask them to stop/change direction/move in a different way, we joked they were being arrogant and not responding to our requests, continuing to do their own thing.

With my second group we started in room 7 and whilst trying to get some glass movement, Jade (guest) felt her hair being tugged.  She described it as if one strand of hair was being pulled.  When she asked, slightly reluctantly, for it to be done again she felt her hair being pulled again.  When asking spirit to do this to others, her friend to her left felt it too.  Jade could also feel a coldness and presence to her left, which others felt too.  When holding the KII there it would light up.  I took photos at this time and orbs were seen on and around Jade.


We all then went to room 6, and with no movement on the writing planchette and glass we tried scrying.  Everyone looking saw changes – an older woman.  When we returned to the hub, Steve said he was watching us on the remote cameras and could see the spirit of an older woman standing in front of the person trying to show us her face.  He also saw the spirit of a man sitting on the bed with us!

With the end of the controlled sessions the guests had the opportunity to explore on their own with equipment.  For the last hour I took 6 guests down to the cellar and tried the ouija table + glass.  We had no movement on the glass, having a positive response on the ghost pro tried table tipping.  We needed patience this time and must have waited 10-15 minutes before we could feel the table lifting up one side and back down.  After making sure everyone was back away from the table so all guests could clearly see underneath we asked spirit to lift the table up again.  The table this time lifted up one side several inches, and with all our fingertips very lightly on the table, stayed there for several seconds.  We asked spirit to do this again, but unfortunately no more movement.  However myself and Dave (guest) felt cold touches to our hands, and Dave was then shocked more by feeling the coldness travel up his arm.

A fabulous night at the Red Lion, never fails to surprise us….looking forward to coming back on Halloween!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 10-8-2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 10th August 2013
Colchester, Essex

We come to the Red Lion Hotel every few months because the amount of activity the guests encounter throughout the ghost hunt is usually very high, this particular evening the activity surpassed everything that we have done at The Red Lion Hotel before, especially in the cellar sessions which enabled the majority of the guests to feel what it was like to be moved and touched by spirit.

The first group to the cellar we were joined by a familiar male spirit energy, his name is Michael and he is a very playful and fun energy and he is able to make the guests feel his energy in all manner of different ways. Michael is a spirit who I have seen at various visits to the Red Lion Hotel. He showed himself as being in his mid-20s wearing a three piece with a white bow tie and wearing a top hat and adorned with a silver pocket watch.

Firstly we started with some gentle arm movement which was concentrated on the two people either side of me, one of the guests commented that she felt a strange tingling sensation in her hand as it moved. From this Michael progressed to moving people’s arms in more forceful and sometimes uncomfortable positions and started to pull people by their arms around the circle so that the guests were rocked and swayed. I then noticed another male spirit energy sitting at the far end of the tunnel on a little chair or stool. He was an old man, well- educated and spoke well, aged about 70 and spent most of the time laughing and giggling.

Some of the guests were now being pulled to the floor by their arms and being pushed into other people. Some guests thought they could here odd noises from the end of the tunnel, although on my side of the séance circle we didn’t hear anything because we were occupied with the strange movement forced on us by Michael.

Whilst most of us were relatively happy being pushed and pulled around by Michael, suddenly one side of the circle was pushed into those who weren’t feeling anything and our arms were being used to stroke faces and chins, then one girl was pushed or pulled to the floor backwards, much to her amazement and our surprise.

As most of us were on the floor I turned around to the guest behind me to ask what she said, to which she replied she didn’t say anything, but thought I had. I then asked what she had heard and others in the group also said that they all heard the same voice, which is what I heard and it was simple voice saying “Yeah”.

As the séance drew to a close, one person who was still on the floor was unable to get up, she said that it felt like someone was pushing her down and keeping her down. It took a while but eventually the person was able to stand without aid.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The audible results of this can be found later in this report.

The second group to the cellar had probably the weirdest experience in the cellar for we were joined by Michael and the old man spirit energies who started to move people in much the same way as the first group. Although it didn’t take long before Michael was able to move all the guests and lift their arms, sometime on command but mostly into weird and uncomfortable positions.

Several guests reported feeling a sharp pain in their necks, similar to someone pushing their finger at the back of the neck.

It also didn’t take long for everyone to be moved in some way or had their faces stroked by the two people standing next to them.

Suddenly without any warning one of the guests burst into uncontrollable laughter and although she could hear herself and us, she had no idea when questioned why she was laughing or what caused her to laugh in the first place. Then as quickly as she started laughing she stopped and instead started crying and still she had no idea why.

I asked that Michael do the same thing to everyone at the same time and gave him visual clues as to what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t tell any of the guests. Slowly but surely everyone’s arms were raised to about shoulder height, some took a little longer than others but eventually everyone had their hands at shoulder height. I then asked for Michael to finish the manoeuvre and to my delight everyone’s hands were raised above their heads as this is exactly what I had asked.

More or less as soon as this movement was felt, the lady who was laughing and crying started to laugh again, only this time the laughs were proper belly laughs, similar to the laughing policeman song. Once again she had no idea why although when questioned further she said that one of the people’s face in the group made her laugh. What I found funny is that the person she was talking about is Sue (GHE team) and every time Sue looked at the guest she laughed even more.

Eventually the lady stopped laughing as the spirit energy was pulling all hands into the circle & swirling everyone’s hands around in an anti-clockwise circle until many of our hands became untwined with each other.

At the end of this session I also held another EVP experiment.

An edited version of the laughing / crying part of this session can be seen at

The third group to the cellar had probably the least amount of movement, but that’s not to say they didn’t get moved. They did but it was much more controlled and less painful.

Michael was still present but the old man had left. Once again Michael moved various people’s arms mostly on command and what the guests asked for but quickly moved everyone’s hand that he could and put them wherever seemed to be the most embarrassing for all concerned. Many pairs of hand were placed behind the back of other people.

Some guests (as usual on this night) were pulled to the floor by their hands whilst other guests were stroking the faces and chins of other people.

The only thing that was different on this session is that the majority of people were pulled to the floor very quickly and once on the floor the movement just continued which was unlike the previous sessions where the movement stopped when on the floor. This time those of us on the floor still had our hands and arms moved. Even we the majority of guests were not on the floor there was a lot of swaying and pushing felt by the guests.

At the end of this session I conducted another EVP experiment.

The audible results all the groups EVP experiments can be heard below

There is also an edited video of all the cellar sessions which can be seen at

This was a brilliant paranormal investigation and one in which everyone was able to feel the effects of spiritual energy manipulate them in some way.

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 25-5-2013

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 25th May 2013
Colchester, Essex

Normally at this ghost hunt we set up the majority of our remote cameras so that we and our guests can monitor the whole hotel during the ghost hunt, however due to a technical problem and the fact that we didn’t have enough time to set up all the equipment before the ghost hunt we only had half of our usual cameras. However those we set up in the most active areas and people were transfixed all night with the different activity seen from those cameras.

As usual I spent most of the night in the cellar, as it is a strange energy that resides here, people often experience the same types of feelings and sensations every time we visit.

More or less as soon as we started the séance a male spirit energy called Tommy Belcher (or Bletcher) joined us. He was about 34 years old and quite tall at 5’11”. A wealthy man who was wearing a three piece black suit with a top hat. He also sported a silver pocket watch and was from 1850s – 1860s and many would describe him as being a typical “Hooray Henry”. This energy was present throughout all three sessions that I held in the cellar.

The first group of guests experienced some light and gentle arm movement, which was generally on command and affected the majority of the guests. Tommy was also able to gently push some of the guests, once again this happened on command.

Some guests also felt tingling or warm sensations in their hands, although one guest had very cold hands, which he said was unusual for him.

The second group to the cellar had much more activity, mainly because they were more open minded and did not restrict the sensations that Tommy was trying to achieve with them. Everybody had some form of spiritual movement, either their arms being moved at will and sometimes against their will or being pushed, swayed or pulled to the floor. Being pulled to the floor is a very common occurrence within the cellar. The staff of the hotel don’t like the cellar either and if they ever have to get something from the cellar they don’t hang about getting it!

One group of friends were being pulled to the floor, so one of them said to their friends “think up thoughts” and the more that they said up, the further down Tommy pulled them.

The Third group also had some gentle arm movement forced upon them by Tommy, but it seemed that Tommy wore himself out with the second group and even though the movements were defined, they were slow.

Many guests reported seeing shadows and movements through the tunnel part of the cellar, this is also a common occurrence as well as hearing footsteps and shuffling when at the other end of the cellar.

A very enjoyable ghost hunt was had by all, although after our controlled sessions few guests wanted to go back to the cellar as they did not want to be pushed, which always seems to occur to the guests that venture into the cellar by themselves.

No EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by me in the cellar because there was too much noise outside the hotel.

There is however a video from the night of the best bits from all groups, which is available to watch at

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 30-3-2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 30th March 2013
Colchester, Essex

We always enjoy coming to The Red Lion Hotel in Colchester as something usually happens that hasn’t happened before plus we have known phenomena that seems to always happen to some guests.

The Red Lion Hotel also allows us to set up all our remote cameras so that all guests can monitor what is happening throughout the hotel, which is especially useful as some of the rooms we use are not big enough for all the guests to be in at the same time.

I as always chose the cellar for my sessions, mainly because this is where a lot of activity happens and guests get a unique experience.

With the first group I encountered a spirit energy called Jerry, he was about 70 years old and from the 1950s, he was a very happy fellow who liked to prove his existence to the guests. We were also joined by a young female energy, called Catherine, who preferred to be called Kate, she was from 1910 era and about 27 years old and spent most of the session watching and laughing at what we were doing. There was also a third spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the session, he was called Christopher, aged in his mid-30s, and quite a stocky build and from the 1960s era.

The session started with some gentle arm movement, which quickly progressed into pushing people and pulling them to the floor. Many guests felt their arms move in strange ways plus many also reported some very cold sensations and breezes. (There are normally no breezes in the cellar). After the séance finished some guests said that their arms felt strange, described by one guest as his arms did not feel that they belonged to him and he had to really concentrate to move his own arms.

With the second group, the spirit energies; Jerry and Kate were still present and once again many guests had their arms moved, usually on command, but after a while Jerry got bored of doing what people asked and decided to move people’s arms where he wanted them to go. Once again after I asked for people to be pushed, Jerry obliged and started to push some of the guests as well as making them bend over, by pulling their arms to the floor, which at times was very uncomfortable.

During this session, towards the end, several guests all reported seeing a face behind me, or between me and another guest, which at the time I couldn’t see on the screen, it was too far away to see with any clarity, however we have reviewed this footage and cannot see anything suspicious, however a compilation of the activity experienced in the cellar sessions is available to watch on our video site so you can watch for yourselves.

The third group to the cellar encountered similar activity, only this time Christopher, the spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the first session stuck around much longer and spent time affecting the guests. Once again arm movement was quite quick and purposeful but only affected a few guests, mainly towards my end of the séance circle with a few guests either side of me being affected. Many guests at the other end of the circle reported warm sensations around their knees and other strange sensations in their forearms. One guest commented that it felt like someone holding on to his forearm.

After our three controlled sessions, we allow (as we always do at The Red Lion Hotel) for the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or vigil in any of the areas that we have used throughout the night and they may use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group back in the cellar as they wanted to experience more movements and this time we were joined by a spirit energy that was called either Jeremy or Jeremia, who didn’t really tell me anything about himself and a young boy of about 8 years old called Tommy.

Once again lots of arm movement was felt by the guests, along with some strange tummy rubbing and lots of pushing and pulling people backwards. Just about everyone at one time or another was pulled to the floor. Many of the people affected in this session couldn’t lift themselves off the floor; they all said it felt like someone sitting on them, restricting their movements. Towards the end of this session our arms were moved in such a way that we were tangled with each other.

At one particular moment one guest who was not either stuck to the floor or had his arms tangled with other guests noted a face on the camera screen behind me. This particular guest was not in the second group and didn’t know that the second group to the cellar saw something similar.

Just as we were about to leave the cellar several KII (EMF Meter) Meters lit up, we had a number of KII’s in the cellar but all night no activity was seen on them apart from this brief moment.

No EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a ghost voices) were recorded in the cellar because of the loud noises heard from outside throughout the evening.

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel – 29-12-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

RED LION 29th December 2012

I started with my first group in Room 6.  We established we had the spirit of Jack with us (using the Ghost Pro) who I had met before.  Jack said he would be happy to communicate with us using the Ouija table.  We had gentle glass movement, with the glass twisting when asked.  We heard a noise in the room, and on investigating believed it to be a wooden frame being banged against the wall.  We then moved to Room 4 and immediately had spirit showing their presence on our Ghost Pro’s.  This was Alice and she was able to touch guests in different places, and when guests asked Alice to confirm it was her by touching somewhere different, a cold touch was felt there also.

I took my second group to Room 6 first, and using the Ghost Pro, the spirit of Jack confirmed he was still with us.  We had some slight movement with the glass on the Ouija table, then turned on the Spirit Box, to which we heard a female voice saying “help”.  We then went to Room 4, and using the Ghost Pro’s the spirit’s of Alice, Jack and Michael confirmed they were with us.  One guest said they felt a cold touch on their arm.  Two guests took it in turns to try Scrying (looking into a mirror and asking spirit to step forward and show us what they look like).  However it wasn’t until we left the room, one of the guests came up to me and after seeing the person who was looking into the mirror in the light, he described what he saw; a man with a goatee beard and pointed eyebrows – the guest did not look like this!

For my third group we went to Room 6 only, and was very fortunate to have some amazing glass work on the Ouija table.  The spirit of Alice was with us, and all the guests had the opportunity to ask Alice to answer some personal questions only they would know.  Many times asking the questions in their head.  This brought happy tears to some, and total amazement to all.  We were able to think of a shape and Alice would draw it.  When asked to draw circles, fast and slow, and change direction, Alice would do what we requested immediately.  I then asked Alice to draw short random movements, which she had done on a previous ghost night at the Red Lion, which she happily obliged.

For the fourth session, we had the spirits of Alice and Michael with us, but had no glass movement at all.

For the final ‘free’ session I went with four guests to Room 4, and guests tried Scrying.  Other guests watching were able to see facial changes, and one of the guests doing the scrying kept seeing her face going dark, although the guests watching couldn’t see this.

Great night for our last ghost hunt for 2012!!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 31-10-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

RED LION HOTEL 31st October 2012

I was using the coffee shop for the evening, and started with the ouija board and writing planchette.  We had some small movement with the writing, but nothing with the ouija so we amalgamated into one group and tried glass movement, with some of the group going down to the cellar of the coffee shop.  This was successful with Alice Millar identifying herself to us.    I asked Alice to draw a circle which she did.  Then the guests took it in turns to ask in their head for shapes to be drawn which Alice duly obliged.  The guests were also asking Alice to take the glass to certain people around the table which she did.  We did notice the KII would light up when questions were asked as if responding with a yes.

In my second group four guests wanted to spend time alone in the cellar, whilst the remainder tried the writing planchette.  Alice identified herself as being with us still.  We had a lot of random writing on the paper, nothing legible.  The guests were all taking it in turns to remove their fingers, the pencil still moving around the paper, even with just two left.  The guests downstairs were hearing noises around them, and with many random names being asked to spirit present, they established the spirit was called Barry, liked to be known as Baz.

For my third group three female guests chose to go downstairs, whilst the remaining guests tried the writing planchette.  Alice was no longer with us, but a male energy had stepped forward and tried moving the pencil a little.  Whilst this was happening the girls downstairs had a fright and came running upstairs screaming – they had heard a scratching noise next to them.  We finished the session with all of us going down to the cellar for a short while.

For the free session at the end, two female guests wanted to go back to the coffee shop cellar which we did.  We had the spirit of Baz with us and managed to ask a few questions.  Baz was in his forties and worked as a chef at the hotel cooking breakfasts.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 11-8-2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Red Lion Hotel, Colchester ghost hunt 11th August 2012

This ghost hunt we normally set up our remote cameras so that the guests can watch the activity in the bedrooms and the cellar, as these are usually the most active. However our set up on this day was hampered because it was so hot and that we had decided to set up three times more cameras than we normally do. We recorded over 110 hours of footage and this has led to the delay in the report. We are still going through the footage!

This particular ghost hunt was attended by the most people so far this year and conversely so few Ghost Hunt Events staff, just three of us. However the spirits had definitely come out to play and all groups had some excellent paranormal activity.

My first group in the cellar witnessed orb activity which was visible with the naked eye although the spirit energy who was in this area didn’t treat these particular guests to the activity that the other groups encountered, nevertheless the activity that they did encounter no one else experienced.

The spirit energy that was responsible for all the activity in the cellar was called Catherine, she was a school teacher aged in her late 50s and about 5’10” in height, she wore a V neck sweater which I thought was rather strange. Catherine was however quite strict, although a happy person and through various questions asked by the guests throughout the night she was not married and did not have children.

The second group to the cellar were moved beyond their wildest dreams with many people being pushed or bent over, twisted into really uncomfortable positions and generally pushed into positions that they would not voluntarily have moved into. I suggested to spirit early on that she might like to move some guests into a particular shape “I’m a little teapot” sprang to mind and without anyone noticing it wasn’t until everyone had been pushed or pulled that I had remembered what I had said earlier and to the guests’ surprise one particular guest was in the position of a teapot!

The third group in the cellar also were pushed, some of them quite violently and some were pushed to the floor. Arm movement was also felt by the majority of the guests and Catherine even held the hand of one of the guests, much to her amazement, the guest not the spirit.

There was so much physical movement achieved by spirit in the cellar towards the guests that there is not enough space to write about it. But needless to say that all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience because what they had experienced was amazing and profound.

Towards the end of the night we let all the guests go to areas in which they enjoyed or had experienced the most activity, we basically chaperoned them. Once again I was called to the cellar with a few guests and a different spirit energy made himself known to me, his name was Arthur, he was aged about 65 years old and walked with a hunch back and wore a flat cap. Mark (guest) said that this description was identical to his grandfather and through one of our communication devices he asked questions that would only be known to him and Arthur and concluded that it was his grandfather.

Carl’s (Paranormal Investigator) notes for his groups;

First Session in the Coffee shop & cellar, all guests witnessed high levels of KII activity and quite a lot of communication via our electronic devices. Whilst in the cellar of the coffee shop the whole group heard the distinct sound of someone in the coffee shop moving furniture and when the group investigated, nothing was found to be out of place.

The second session in the bar and Parliament Restaurant the group used the writing planchette and had a female spirit by the name of Alice who used the planchette to write “AM” which could be the known ghost Alice Millar.

The third session in rooms; 6, 7 & 10, strange noises were heard in room 7 near to the wardrobe and there were high levels of KII activity as well as very good communication via electronic devices. Some of the guests ventured into room 6 opposite and tried scrying in the mirror. All guests who were participating saw an angry man with a comb over looking back at them. Even when the guests changed places the angry man was still seen.

Marc (Paranormal Investigator) recorded some audio during the evening to try to record a ghost voice or EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) you can hear the best at:-

A very enjoyable ghost hunt at The Red Lion Hotel in Colchester and one in which all guests either participated or witnessed some amazing activity. We as a team cannot wait to return.

GHE Team
Steve – Psychic Medium
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Red Lion Hotel – 14-4-2012 Part 3

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The Red Lion Hotel, Colchester. Essex – 14th April 2012

Ever since our first ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel back in January 2012, we as a team thoroughly look forward to visiting the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester and every time we go more activity and unexplainable episodes are experienced by us and our guests. So our expectations were high, but we were not disappointed.

My designated area for the evening was the cellar, the first group of people were all new to ghost hunting, however spirit energies came forward to provide them with some evidence. We were first joined by a male energy called James, he was about 28 years old and of a slim build and a round face, he gave me the impression that he was a religious man and connected with the church. He gave the year as 1930. James started to use his energy to move us, by gently moving the guest’s arms. Lucy (guest) felt a very odd sensation in her arm, like pins and needles and goose bumps. Kristein (guest) also saw lights and shadows at the other end of the cellar.

Carolanne (guest) said she felt child energies and had the desire to sign patriotic Vera Lynn songs from WWII. During this time I was being swayed left to right, which I didn’t notice until one of the guests mentioned it to me.

When I was calling out for spirit to copy a whistle, some of the guests heard whistles whilst I was talking and one guest heard a whistle in repeat of what I asked for. Audible sound played an important role during the ghost hunt and after a beer barrel was tapped, everyone heard footsteps within the cellar. At one point we all heard a strange groaning sound which I thought came from our remote cameras, other guests however thought it came from outside. On inspection of the footage recorded from this session the groaning sounds more like it actually came from the remote camera than outside.

There was also a female energy present, she was rather nervous and about 16 or 17 years old who had long ginger hair and wearing a very flowery summer dress.

When I asked spirit to make someone smile, Lucy started to laugh out loud, which is exactly what I asked for in my head, as I felt the energies would be able to make people laugh for no real reason.

A Second World War soldier was also present, his name was Matt but that is all the information he gave me.

After we broke the séance circle, myself and Lucy found it quite difficult to let go as it felt that both of us were “stuck” together with an invisible force.

During this session, many noises, footfalls and whistles were heard all within the cellar, the electronic equipment; K2 and Ion meters all registered high levels of activity.


The second group to the cellar felt completely different to me, the energies that were here in the first session had moved on and a male energy by the name of Alfred came forward, he was local man, aged in his late 60s, with greying hair, quite a stocky build who wore a flat cap and was what I would call a typical granddad type. He told me that he tendered an allotment which was straight down the high street. One of the guests (who lived locally) confirmed that this information is correct.

During the resulting séance, strange creaking sounds were heard by all, as if someone was walking on creaky floorboards, however there are no floorboards in this area. Many lights were seen by the guests as well as cold spots.

Alfred did attempt to touch and move some of the guests, however not all guests felt his energy. As I explained to the guests that Alfred would not have touched women (the group was all female) in his physical life and therefore he took those values with him into his spiritual life.


The third group to the cellar once gain had a completely different feeling and we were almost immediately joined by a First World War soldier, whose name was Captain Timothy West, standing about 5’11” wearing round spectacles and sporting a moustache. He was 22 or 23 years of age and carried a crop or stick and wore brown leather boots. Timothy happily started to move the arms of the guests, mainly backwards but would only push the male guests, forwards, backwards and from side to side. Many guests including myself had pains in our ankles which I attributed to Timothy as he was the only spirit energy present. Many of the guests felt cold spots however after about 30 minutes Timothy left us and the cellar felt completely flat. I then decided we would enter the cellar of the coffee shop since this area felt very active on my first visit to the Red Lion Hotel.

Once everyone was seated comfortably in the coffee shop cellar, we all heard a sound that resembled someone crushing a plastic bag. Whilst in this area guests and myself were asking out for spirit to copy rapping sounds and some responses were heard by everyone. Our K2 meters detected lots of activity and during an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena – a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment the K2 meter registered highly after every question that was asked, however at the time we heard nothing audible. However on analyses of the recordings many voices were heard, the best examples can be heard below.

Then we heard what sounded like someone rifling through a box of crisps, knocking the box over and running away. I sent Sean (cameraman) up to the coffee shop as I envisaged that someone had entered the coffee shop and was stealing the produce, I followed Sean and the both of us expected to see someone in the coffee shop, or at least the door open. However when we opened the door to the cellar, there was nothing out of place, nor any boxes knocked over, nor in fact any crisp packets within the establishment. One of my team members was outside at this time and on speaking to him he was stood outside for the last ten minutes and saw and heard nothing that could have been responsible for the sounds that we heard. In video footage for this instance the clarity of the sounds we heard is very audible and on watching this you can probably understand our reaction; that someone had broken into the shop.

All of the guests felt the need to leave the cellar and follow us into the main coffee shop.

From this point on we then had a 30 minute window where we allowed the guests a free roam of the hotel, many of these guests re-visited areas in which they felt the most activity or participated in an activity that they enjoyed the most. Three guests and Sean re-visited the cellar to the coffee shop to see whether the spirit energies could re-create the sounds that we heard moment earlier, however after 20 minutes they returned as nothing was heard.

Once again a very successful ghost hunt at the Red Lion Hotel and an evening where all guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and experienced all manners of the spiritual activity that the Red Lion Hotel can offer. It is an exceptionally spiritually active hotel and we as a team are looking forward to our next visit in August 2012 and subsequent visits later in the year.

As a sub note, I usually do not sleep after a ghost hunt, as we have a lot of equipment to pack up after our ghost hunts, but this was the first time that I decided I would actually have some sleep (3.5 hours) and as I was lying in bed the bed seemed to jump or jolt, which I thought to be strange and just as I was about to fall asleep I heard a female energy whisper in my ear “Hello”, had I not been very tired I would have investigated this more, but I shall leave this until our return in August. My room was room 10, which is a known haunted room, allegedly the room of the resident ghost Alice Millar.

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