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Barham Court Ghost Hunt – 15-10-2011

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Barham Court is a strange place, because it has been converted into offices you would be wrong to believe that this place held no spiritual activity, in fact it is a very active place, but not in the offices which would have been the living areas of this mansion. It is strangely active in the corridors and what are now the public areas of the building.

We started our first session in the basement, however whilst it felt active there seemed to be no signs of activity on the EMF metres I had and some of my guests, we then proceeded to go up to the top floor where in one of the offices a male energy made himself known to me. His name was Edward or as he preferred Ted and he stood approximately 5’9” in height and wore the most horrendous Tartan suit I have ever seen anyone wear, it seemed unusually bright and it did not help matters that he also looked like a mad professor with wild grey hair. I found it very difficult to take him seriously. However after about 10 minutes very little spiritual activity had been heard, seen or felt we decided to go down a floor.

On the landing a male energy stepped forward he was a Doctor who treated patients in WWII, as Barham Court was used as a hospital during both wars. His name was David and although he was aware of our presence he seemed reluctant to engage with us at first. However as the night progressed he “popped in” more frequently. Also on the landing there were two children running up and down, a boy named George and his sister called Cecile or Celia, both were aged about 6-7 years old. Whilst holding a vigil here were heard many strange noises, it felt and sounded like people approaching or rushing up and down the main staircase. Many guests photographed Orbs and light anomalies on their cameras. The stairs and the landing was without question the most active and many cold spots were felt by all. I became aware of a maid who was standing on the staircase and whilst most of us were standing at the top of the stairs I clearly heard a male voice say “I have nothing” which I thought was strange and asked who of the group said such a thing, but according to everyone no-one had said anything as they were at the time listening for footsteps, which could be heard.

After a short break we proceeded to split up and various people investigated either on their own or in small groups, with Ouija boards and EMF metres. Many of the guests reported that during most of the night the EMF metres hardly reacted at all, however one group who were on the staircase landing had some very unusual EMF activity, the lights pulsed through each light individually, which is supposed to be impossible. I stayed on the ground floor and started to use a glass to communicate with a 9 and a half year old boy whose English name was Simon and his real name was Simian. He had dark brown hair and was wearing what could be described as a school uniform, with grey shorts and socks and black shoes. He gave me the impression that his father was convalescing at Barham Court and he was accompanying him. He also gave the impression he had something to do with mending watches. Through the glass Simon told us that he passed with Rickets or Polio and he had something wrong with his legs, he was born with it and that he had been kicked in the head by a horse whilst he was at Barham Court.

During this period many people heard footsteps outside on the main corridor and shadows which passed by the lights from the corridor, yet on every single inspection no-one could see anyone who could have caused the shadows or the footsteps. We all heard the sound of mumbling, which seemed to be coming from the next room, however as soon as the door to our room was opened the noise stopped. It could not have been the wind because it wasn’t a windy night. It was still. Also whilst we were in this room and whilst Simon was communicating through the glass many guests and myself heard taps or knocks on the floor and walls, which we could find no reason or source for. Everyone reported different directions when we heard the taps and knocks yet we were all sitting within about 8 feet of one another.

Whilst some people were outside they all reported that flashes of light were seen (like a camera flash) in rooms that we had no access to and whistling which also had no explanation. Many guests had the sensation that Barham Court housed lots of children, like a school, although no-one knows whether this is true or not.

A very interesting Ghost Hunt and a place which we may return to investigate further, as the spirit seemed very reluctant to step forward immediately, they seemed to want to inspect us first before committing to communication with us. It was like they needed to decide whether we were trustworthy before they would communicate.

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