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Red Lion Hotel – 16th May 2015 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 16th May 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room’s 6 & 7
Equipment: Tech Equip, Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Writing Planchette, Glass Work

Group C – We started in room 7 using the rods & pendulums, and all had some movement.  After establishing their yes & no movements, guests communicated with the female & male spirits with us, also asking to point the rods to where the spirit was standing, which they did.  We did some glasswork, which started moving and we established our yes & no.  The spirit was female, and had her son with her.  Whilst doing this we heard a knock on the door, on checking no-one was there and as the floor creaks in the corridor and there is another door outside, we were sure we would have heard if someone there. We then heard two knocks on the chest of drawers in the room.  To reduce the noise contamination in the room, we decided two people stayed in the room at a time, whilst the remaining guests went with me to room 6 to do tech equip.  We had lots of activity on the KII’s and Ghost Pro’s, nothing on the SB7 (Spirit Box), but had the following strong words on the Ovilus II: mommy, enough, run.  The pairs of guests in room 7 did have some strange things happen too, definitely feeling a presence in the room with them.

Group A – Again started in room 7 with rods & pendulums, and all had movement.  They were communicating again with a female & male spirit.  We tried with all 8 guests doing glasswork, but with nothing happening I split the group with 3 guests in room 6 doing kit, and the remaining 5 continuing with the glasswork in 7.  Lots of activity on KII’s, Ghost Pro’s and Ovilus II, and when checking back in room 7 the glass had been moving a lot.  They had asked the spirit to take the glass to the birthday girl which it did.  Seemed a lovely fun spirit.

Group B – Started with the rods & pendulums and had a female spirit communicating with us, and then we had a boy.  I split the group with half in room 6 doing tech, and the rest in room 7 doing glasswork.  With activity in room 6 on all the equipment it was noted some of the strong words on the Ovilus II were water & rabbit.  With the glasswork we had the boy communicating with us.  He was 12 years old and had drowned.  It was not an accident.  His name was Robert and from the 1500’s.  Asking who he would like to ask the questions, the glass went to Lisa (guest).  She reminded him of his mum.  When the tech group came in and said the words water & rabbit had appeared on the Ovilus, we linked water to the boy drowning.  And asked if he had a rabbit as toy, it answered yes.  He also had a twin brother.

Now into the free session, the guests in room 7 decided to stay and try the writing planchette, and we were all amazed to see a picture of rabbit being drawn by the boy.

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