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Ragged School Museum – 24th October 2015 (Louise)

Ragged School Museum ghost hunt 24th October 2015


Area: Top Floor
Equipment: Ouija/Table tipping

Session 1 – Group B
I started the session by asking the group what activity they would like to participate in first. Many of the group didn’t want to take part in the Ouija so I stared them on the table tipping first. Initially the table only started by gently rocking slowly from side to side. I kept encouraging spirit to try harder and move the table in another way for us. Eventually the table began to tip up on to its side, and with the guests also encouraging spirit the table spun round for us. At this point Miraj (guest) asked spirit if they could possibly walk the table into the other room, it promptly did so and took the table to an old school desk and kept rocking the table up against the desk.
It was decided then that we ask spirit through the table some questions. Saying to spirit to tip the table to right for a yes answer and left for a no answer, we asked whether the old school desk had played a significant part in their life. The table however just kept banging against the table.
Meanwhile Andy and Lewis (guests) had started on the Ouija. Movement was initially very slow to start, but at this point we all sensed the spirits of children around us. I and another guest joined the table and a spirit of a young boy came through stating that he was 6 years old. Still encouraging this spirit to communicate we sadly didn’t get anymore movement from the glass. Just as the session was about to finish, Andy’s that was sitting on the table turned itself on and the door with some force came open by itself scaring us all at the point.

Session 2 – Group C
Before the start of this session, I had taken a small plastic teddy bear up to the room to use as a trigger object because all guests in group B had sensed small children. I pointed out to the group the trigger object, and we asked spirit to see if they could move the teddy during our session.

As there were only five people in this group, it was decided that they all wanted to start the session on the table tipping. I pointed out the group the trigger object, and we asked spirit to see if they could move the teddy during our session. To the groups amazement the table started to move straight away. Encouragement from the whole group at this stage asking spirit to move the table in some way, it went up on to one left and held this position. We all kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in some other way, and it was at this point Stacey (guest) broke down and started to cry uncontrollably saying she felt so emotional. After a while the table suddenly went up on to one leg and rotated clockwise, then tipped on to the other leg and rotated anti-clockwise.
The table then did the same thing as happened in the first session. It began walking towards the door and out into the other room and straight to the same old school desk and promptly stopped. Asking spirit again if this desk had meant something to them Naomi (guest) opened the desk and written in capital letters on the inside of the lid of the desk was the word yes. Well I guess this answered our question, and also from the first session. At this point Richard (guest) started to feel sick with pains in his side. I suggested he leave the table as he said he also started to feel really aggressive.

We all then moved on to the Ouija. Asking spirit to communicate with us through the glass, it stared spinning in big circle on the table just to build up the energy. A spirit came forward and told us she was a young girl by the name of Sarah.

The glass stopped at this point and to our amazement the table began to tip instead. This was a much bigger table and we could believe this was happening. Autumn (guest) said she heard footsteps moving amongst the desks. We called out to spirit to make the noise again, and this time we all heard it, like children running around the desks. Stacey (guest) then pointed out to us that the bear had moved. It had been turned to face the other way. Nobody in the group could have done this as we all stayed together during the session.

Session 3 – Group A
We started this session again on the table tipping. Initially the table didn’t move. However, with some encouragement from the group the table began to move gently and then stopped. At this point all the guests started to sway back and forth some experiencing pins and needles sensations in their arms. I asked spirit politely to take this feeling away and if possible to move the table in some way. The table again started to gently rock from side to side and then suddenly it tipped up on to one leg and start to spin around in a clockwise direction. To the guests surprise the table then began carrying out erratic movements that none of the guests could keep up with.
We the moved on to the Ouija with some guests watching as they didn’t want to participate and said they were more than happy to watch. We were joined by the spirit of a young girl named Sarah who I would assume was the same spirit as in the second session. She went on to tell us that she was seven years old and that she was scared of the man that was in the room with us. One of the guests asked if this spirit was a teacher to which she replied yes and that he used to treat her badly during school always telling her off.

Free session
During the free session Stacey and Naomi asked me if I would join them back on the Ouija board to see if they could get back in touch with Sarah. The glass began to move around the table but unfortunately we were unable to communicate with spirit. However during this period we heard what sounded like a child giggling and footsteps again. When we went to investigate the bear I had previously used as a trigger object had moved to the other side of the room on a different table. I know that no-one had been in that room since the last session and before leaving I checked the bear and it had remained in the same place as I had left it.

This was a very good venue to investigate and all the guests enjoyed the sessions. I hope in the future we do revisit the Ragged School Museum as I think it has a lot more secrets to be uncovered.

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