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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 8-3-2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 8th March 2013
Pluckley, Kent

The day time before the event, there was some truly horrendous weather, with heavy rain throughout most of Kent so when heading off to Pluckley (in the rain) I wasn’t expecting it to stop. However once in the woods there was no rain, just a lot of mud, one of the worst I have experienced in Pluckley. It was also a very busy car park with swathes of people leaving or arriving all of them wearing all the wrong footwear for the conditions. As we headed into the woods to a particular area that I have found to be very active a group of teenagers were trying to follow us, however we were all dressed for the occasion they, were not and after they lost sight of us we could hear them trying to find their way out of the woods as several of them had fallen over into the mud. After 10 minutes we could no longer hear their voices.

The first area, which is where I normally start, was as usual very active with high levels of KII EMF activity seen on our KII meters plus high levels on our communication devices. There was a female energy present who answered some of the guests questions and then abruptly left.

I held a séance at this location and some arm movements were felt by the guests, some on command which progressed into pushing and pulling people backwards gently and then on to swaying and rocking people en mass left and right.

One guest felt a touch from behind her whilst we were holding the séance which was unusual because we were all holding hands for the séance and there were no trees or plants anywhere near where we were standing.

The spirit energy responsible for these movements is a spirit energy which I often see on this pathway, his name is Peter and he was a victim of a motorcycle crash in 1960s. There was also an older gent looking on, he was approximately in his 50s and spent most of the time laughing at what Peter had achieved.

The second session further along the path I set up my laser grid mainly because there was a light fog hanging in the woods and this effect looks so much better with fog although no one saw anything unusual although at the same time I turned on the spirit box (a device that scan backwards through the FM radio stations at 100ms) and several words were heard although nothing definite in answer to our questions. Two guests however saw some very low level red lights in the near distance and whilst we could not rule out that this could have been other people we heard no footfalls or any other noise nor any torch lights.

The third session I tried to hold another séance, there were a husband and wife spirit energies present, he was called Tommy (Tom) both aged in their late 30s or early 40s, he was a cow farmer and had rather large hands. The resulting séance there were some strange arm movements but unfortunately most of the movement was focussed at me, which was a shame as the rest of the guests would have liked to have felt these strange movements.

All in all another enjoyable ghost hunt where many guests felt some unusual paranormal activity and saw some unusual light anomalies. No EVPs (ghost voice) experiments were undertaken due to the earlier rain which was still falling from the trees.

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