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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt 3-6-2012

Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 3rd June 2012

This was a private ghost hunt for a small group within Pluckley woods, considering the amount of rain that we had endured the night before (See our report from Toys Hill & Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 2nd June 2012) I was hoping that the rain would not hinder us this evening. Fortunately the woods at Pluckley offer greater protection from the elements as the trees are taller and generally leafier.

When we arrived there was another large group of people heading out of the woods, I can only assume that they had been doing what we were about to do; ghost hunting.

After making our way deep into the woods one of the group felt that he was being followed and watched, as we made our way along one of the larger paths he kept looking and searching with his torch behind him.

Once we had stopped on a particular favourite part of the woods of mine, the feeling from the group was that they too felt as if they had been followed. Several photographs taken by the guests had some very unusual purple mists in them. It wasn’t a misty night, rain was expected but it wasn’t raining at the time, although it had rained throughout the day.

A male energy joined us and was able to answer some simple questions via one of our ghost communication devices, although this energy would not talk to me nor tell me his name. Also the KII meter was showing signs of a high level of EMF energy.

During this period I was trying to get the spirit energy to interact with the guests and stand close to them, so that they could feel the energy. Grant (guest) wandered off on his own a few yards and when I informed him that the spirit energy was close to him and he should ask the energy to stand near to him. Grant felt a strange pins & needles sensation throughout his body much to his amazement and surprise.

From here we walked further down the path to a favourite location of mine (it was in this location that I – and the group – heard the famous female scream on a previous ghost hunt). At this location we were joined by Terry who was 52 years old and via the communicator told us that he was a Butcher. He was quite short (5’6”) and stocky in build, wearing a white vest and brown flannel trousers. He also sported a mostly bald head. Once again Grant was able to feel his energy at times, as he now wanted to recreate the feeling that he had encountered earlier. According to Grant there was a certain amount of warmth to this energy as it felt much warmer when Terry was standing near Grant.

At this time I also started using my SB7 (Spirit Box) this scans the radio frequencies at 100ms intervals and to rule out actually hearing something that is being broadcast the scan is run in reverse. So we can be sure that if we hear any voices they are not being broadcast on the radio. Nothing was heard that was audible at this time, although it had started to rain.

We moved further along the same pathway to an area which I don’t often visit, because this is at the very edge of the woods and it is an exposed location however the spirit energies had followed us and were making themselves known by affecting the group, some felt sharp pains in their back, whilst other felt the pins & needle sensation in their arms, across their shoulders and their back. I asked Grant to hold out his hand as the spirit energy was standing to his right. Unbeknown to Grant I had asked Terry to touch his hand and to close his open hand. Grant immediately said that he could feel the spirit and that his hand felt strange, especially his little finger, then Grant jolted his hand, although he has no idea why, he said that it felt odd.

It was during this that we could hear strange noises within the wood (bearing in mind it was raining heavily by now). One of the noises that we all heard and which made the guests jump was a loud thump or a stomp. This is not the sort of noise an animal could make as it was too loud for a rabbit, fox or badger.

Because it was now raining quite heavily we moved back into the cover of the woods to an area which has proved very successful for séances in the past. So we held a séance and were immediately joined by Terry (the spirit from earlier) although there was also two other energies, a brother and sister present. Their names were Peter & Chloe. Peter stood back from the group but Chloe stepped forward to provide the guests with a physical experience. Chloe was very tall, about 5’10” aged in her early 20s with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She gave me the impression that they were from Denmark (although that could have just been the blonde, blue eyed link).

Chloe proceeded to move the arms of the guests, gently at first and then move forcefully and several of the guests reported that whilst their hands were being manipulated they had cramp in their fingers. Two guests also felt a pins & needles sensation in their backs. When I asked Chloe to push or pull the guests, many of them started to sway, some forwards and backwards, others from left to right. I then suggested to spirit to push people from their knees, as this is the easiest way to push someone over. Grant immediately exclaimed that he was in agony as his knees were extremely sore and he couldn’t move them. Chloe also pushed some other members of the group.

From here we moved to part of the woods which has been eventful on previous occasions and it is here that I tried an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena – a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Unfortunately due to the conditions (the heavy rain) the spirit voices that did exist on the recording could not be cleaned up enough to fully understand what the spirit was saying. I also tried once again the spirit box and this time we all heard the spirit voice say “hi” and when I asked for the spirit to say their name we heard firstly “Pete” and then when I asked the spirit to say it again we all heard “Peter”. There was possibly a “thanks” spoken via the box but unfortunately the rain hindered our hearing ability.

As soon as there was a let up in the rain we decided to make our way back to the cars.

Once again a very enjoyable and productive ghost hunt where the guests all got a physical experience and heard spirit voices via the spirit box. It is just a shame that the spirit voices recorded during the EVP experiment cannot be heard properly over the sound of the rain.

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