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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 22-6-2012

Pluckley Ghost Hunt – 22nd June 2012

We were generally worried about this event as the weather earlier in the day (and previous days) was generally heavy rain, however on the night, no high winds, no rain and nice and calm, almost too calm.

After heading into the middle of the woods we let the guests loose with our equipment which consisted of KII meters and Ghost Pro Meters for them to communicate with the spirit energies we encountered. From the outset most of the meters exhibited strong activity and guests were able to communicate via yes, no questions the nature and intentions of the spirit energies. Many guests were a little alarmed when the lights lit up when they were holding the equipment, although fine when it was someone else holding it!

Many guests also took photographs, several of which contained spirit orbs but unfortunately nothing exceptional, like strange mists that we have encountered on previous visits.

The woods were generally quiet with few animal sounds, however strange lights were seen by the guests and our team in the distant trees and we ruled out people because where we saw the lights it would be impossible for people to walk without making a noise.

After moving further into the woods, many guests felt that the spirit energies that they had been communicating with were following them, I was aware that at least two male energies were following us and some of the guests heard footsteps behind them.

We conducting a laser grid experiment as we have had some positive results in these woods in the past however nothing much happened during that experiment although communication was still strong via the meters.

We held a séance on the spot where I (and others) have heard the female scream but very little happened apart from some gentle side to side movement. Two of the team ventured further into the woods to conduct their own EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment, as they were walking back to us a loud sound was heard by everyone, although we have no idea what that could have been because nothing moved, although it did sound similar to a tree falling over.

We then ventured into an area which has proved to be very active in the past and generally very good when recording EVPs and once again we conducted an EVP experiment. No obvious EVPs have been recorded from this experiment.

Many guests whilst in this part of the woods felt vulnerable and the general feeling is that we were being watched but there was the usual sounds of people approaching but no-one ever arrives, this is very common in these parts of the woods and local folklore reports that the road nearest to this point is Fright Corner, whether this has anything to do with the unexplained noises and feelings that are felt in this particular area, I have no idea.

Joining me from the Ghost Hunt Events team were;

Carl Hutchinson – Paranormal Investigator,
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator and
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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