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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 30/7/2011

After leaving the car park we walked deep into the woods and began a séance on a familiar path (to me). My K2 EMF (Electromagnetic Force detector) metre was showing everyone that there were energies present so after everyone had finished taking photographs we held the first séance. Within a few minutes a male energy by the name of Timothy stepped forward and began to give the guests physical evidence. Timothy was about 5’9″ and of slim build, with dark short hair.  He seemed to feel at home in the woods. He started by gently swaying Kerry (guest) to my left and moving the arms of Sandra (guest) to my right. Timothy proceeded around the circle but not everyone wanted to experience physical movement, so Timothy came back to Kerry and pushed her some more, much to Kerry’s amusement. During this session there were many noises of rustling and other normal woodland animals, but every time many of the guests were rattled by these noises.
After the séance had finished I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment to try to capture timothy’s voice. Unfortunately the results of this EVP experiment are inconclusive, there were some noises and possible voices but they are too quiet to analyse further.
The guests at this stage took many photographs, several of them captured bright spirit orbs.
From here we walked a little further into the woods, once again a familiar place to me. After taking several photos we formed another séance circle. Almost Immediately Timothy had followed us down the path and was starting to sway the people he swayed before. Although there was another male energy who slowly came forward, his name was Drake (which I assumed was his Surname) he was approximately 62 years old, about 5’7″ he had a very haggard looking face and was mostly bald, but had a little grey hair at the back. He seemed to be a fist fighter or prize fighter. Drake was a very strong male energy and he quickly started making people sway and rock, which was very similar to The Weebles (a TV show from the 1980s, the tag line of “Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down!”) as I commented on this at the time. Even one of the guests who initially didn’t want to be moved or pushed ended up standing beside me and because I knew she would not be frightened if she was moved, spirit obliged and moved her arm gently and held it in a position that would have hurt if we tried to do this of our own accord.
From the next EVP experiment that I conducted there were several noises which when they are fully investigated may prove to be spirit voices, however one example was very clear in the initial response, the spirit in question did say something after answering the guest question but as yet we cannot work out exactly what is said.

From here we walked a little further down the path (I have never walked this far) the K2 metre was lit up like a Christmas tree and I immediately asked that the spirit(s) in question make a whistling noise, almost immediately we all heard two definite whistles, this did not sound like any animal I’ve ever heard so I asked again. This time the guests heard the whistle but I didn’t. I noticed that every time I asked the lights on the K2 metre went to the lowest light and when I asked my question, almost immediately the lights were pulsating, as if the spirit were letting us know that they had completed their quest. On the third attempt I also recorded this with my digital voice recorder and although we didn’t hear anything at the time, the lights on the K2 flashed away. Upon inspection of the recording you can clearly hear three definite whistles.

I also asked the spirit in question to make other noises and we all heard various noises, mostly what sounded like someone walking through the woods, although when a torch was shone in those directions nothing was seen and no animal ran away or made any noise. But because we were in a wood those noises could not confirm spiritual activity.
After the display on the EMF subsided I decided it was time to make our way back to the cars, however as we were approaching the main path I decided to step into a small part of the woodland which on previous occasions has made the guests feel strange and one in which they have seen shadows and movement. Within a matter of minutes everyone was not feeling too great, they all said that whilst they could see something they couldn’t be sure it wasn’t their eyes playing tricks, but they all felt the same; vulnerable and slightly on edge, as if they were expecting something but they didn’t know what.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt in Pluckley Screaming woods with some excellent physical evidence experienced by the guests and the whistling noises were absolutely brilliant and also a first for me to record the unusual sound of a spirit whistling.
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