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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 28-7-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 28th July 2012

It always amazes me how much activity we get at Pluckley Woods, especially because there should be no difference between these woods and any other woods, but for reasons which I don’t understand the spirit energies are always happy to oblige on certain paths within these woods. There are however other pathways which have some truly nasty spirits lurking in them waiting for the casual ghost hunter to wander by and then scare them.

We generally stick to the same route, although with deviations depending on the group and the time allowed and as always we walked to the middle of the woods to start the night. We walk this far so that we do not get disturbed by those casual ghost hunters and teenagers who are out for a laugh.

Within about 10 minutes our KII meters and Ghost Pro devices lit up with spiritual activity, just about everyone had a piece of equipment to hold or watch so that they could “detect” spirit energies around them. Many guests also took photographs, some had some very interesting mist formations, which were not related to the weather because it was generally comfortable in the woods, not cold and it had not rained for several hours. Also many photographed orb and light anomalies on the pathways.

We were joined by a male energy by the name of Philip who was about 22 years old and wore a light coloured shirt and brown trousers, and he seemed a little mentally slow.

I decided that we would hold a séance there to try to get the guests to feel the spirit energies. There was gentle movement felt by some of the guests and some slight pushing. However everyone including me, jumped, or in some cases gripped the hands of whoever they were holding when out of nowhere we all heard an extremely loud noise in the trees about 6’ off the ground. It was almost directly opposite me and about my eye level. At the time I was asking for the spirits to make a noise. We ruled out any animal because nothing in the tree moved, not a single leaf. The only thing moving were the people closest to the noise!

During the séance many guests heard footfalls amongst the trees, although the ground behind where we were standing is quite open and the people who were not in the séance circle did not see anything.

Whistles were also heard in response to our whistles and although the group weren’t feeling too scared no-one ventured very far from the group as the footfalls and the whistles got louder and then stopped.

Our second location there was more communication via our electronic equipment and when we set up the laser grid the atmosphere changed. Many guests heard more footfalls and other noises which I have never heard before.

We didn’t stay long in this location as some of the guests were feeling cold.

Our third location is a place which I would not venture on my own, it doesn’t have a nice atmosphere, it is however one of the highest spiritually active areas of the woods and much evidence (Photos & EVPs) have been recorded here.

On starting the SB7 (A Spirit Box which scans the radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) many of the guests names were heard along with “Hello” and “Go Away”.

We also set up a laser grid and strange lights were seen  in this. Many of the lights were seen quite high up and since the grid was green it did not explain why we were seeing orange lights within this grid.

Many attempts to record a ghost voice were conducted by the team throughout the night and a voice has been recorded which has a Devonshire accent (no guests had this accent) speaking an entire sentence. This is still under review and analysis as we are trying to work out the words spoken, but it is a very similar voice to something that we recorded several months ago.

From the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment that we undertook with all the guests we have recorded nine ghost voices, however only five are clear enough to fully understand and you can hear them at:-

Once again a very productive and enjoyable ghost hunt at Pluckley, which our guests enjoyed.

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