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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 29-3-2014 (Kym)

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 29th March 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

Area: Rear Downstairs Room Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Writing Planchette

Group C – After getting over the initial excitement of being in a new location, and a zoo!… we started with explaining how to use the dowsing rods and pendulums.  Guests started receiving movement, and establishing their yes & no’s.  It’s always lovely seeing the guests’ reaction to this.  I then split the group with half trying the writing planchette, and the rest continuing to use rods & pendulums, with ghost pro’s and KII’s.  Those using the ghost pro’s had two male spirits with them, one was a soldier, stationed at Marwell in WW2.  I asked the spirit to touch the guest, and he was surprised to immediately feel a tingling up his spine.  The group with the writing planchette were receiving movement from a little boy age 10.  With the promise to bring him a ball to play with, the drawing increased.  We asked that he draw a ball, and to everyone’s surprise he did.  The other group were feeling a lot of touches – tingling sensations, with cold spots.  I then swapped the groups and this group had some movement with the planchette.  One guest sensed her brother Douglas was with them.  Each time I would return to this group my head hurt, when mentioning this, another guest was experiencing the same and it was revealed the spirit had died from a brain tumour.  The other group continued to have communication with the little boy on the ghost pro, I felt his name was Adam, and the ghost pro confirmed this was correct.  I went to get the balls we had promised, and the guests laid them on floor, asking for the boy to move them.  It was the end of the session, and as the guests went to retrieve their bags, when looking at the balls before they left they noticed the balls had indeed moved.

Group A – we started again with explaining to the guests how to use the rods & pendulums.  One guest who had used the rods before was able to find out the spirit with her was female, and had lived and worked at Marwell.  We then tried the writing planchette but had no movement, we tried to see if spirit would move the glass but again no movement, we then turned on the Spirit Box and the glass started moving, very gently.  With a lot of encouragement from everyone the glass continued to move, asking spirit to move the glass to the spirit box, it did until the glass pushed the box off the table.  The glass continued to move gently around the table, no words came through on the spirit box.  We did have a lot of ghost pro activity.

Group B – With my last group, after trying the rods & pendulums and receiving some movement, the guests wanted to try and communicate with spirit through the glass on table.  I sat back with the Ovilus and had the word “girl” come through.  The glass started moving, and after establishing where a yes & no were on the table asked spirit to confirm if they were a girl – yes.  She also said she was frightened of being told off by her mother.  She did however move the glass more, and at guests request took the glass to each corner of the table.

For the final free session I went to the upstairs room where Steve had been with guests all night.  This room didn’t have a nice feel to it, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but would not stay in this room on my own, and when asking guests several times if they wanted to do a solo, all said no!

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