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Marwell Hall ghost hunt – 25th October 2014

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 25th October 2014
Winchester, Hampshire

This was the second time that we had held an event at Marwell Hall and we were hoping for great paranormal experiences that greeted our guests on the first event. However no-one could have expected or anticipated what happened.

All of my sessions were held in a small room upstairs, this room felt odd when I walked into it when I first visited the Hall in the summer of 2013, the feeling hasn’t subsided.

The first group we were joined by Thomas, a butler & footman from 1903. Thomas wore a purple suit and was aged in his early 40s. We were also joined by Bridget aged 19 who was very shy.

The group experienced lots of physical movement from the spirits which resulting in their hands being moved and people being pushed in their backs.

We then moved to sit around the table and whilst sitting here we heard many footsteps outside the door, which was strange because no-one else was on this floor and if they were standing outside the door on the small landing we would have been able to see their shadow under the door.

Our taps on the table often resulted in repeat noises in the room, none of which were on or near to the table we were all sitting around, but the noises came from the walls or the window shutters instead.

The second group had much the same type of physical movement to start with in the séance, although this time the spirit (the same spirit as the first group) was able to move more people and more forcefully. Several people were pulled by their arms to the floor, or pulled back off their feet and swayed to and fro.

Suddenly we were all shocked to hear an almighty bang and a metal swinging sound. Having no idea what this noise could be, I immediately asked Jason (GHE team, who was filming this session) and he replied that it was the window shutter that had moved. This was exceptionally unusual because for this metal bar to swing (it keeps the window shutters shut) it has to be lifted up before it can swing freely. Watch the video at

After this nerve racking séance session we decided to sit around the table and try some more table rapping. Much to my delight there were some more repeat sounds of our raps and more footfalls outside of the door.

The third group had much the same pushing and pulling in the séance, although this time just about everyone was affected. When we sat down around the table more noises were heard but they were not as loud as the previous two sessions, which was unfortunate.

After the controlled sessions we allowed the guests to investigate on their own in any of the rooms that we had used so far or return to a room with our ghost hunting equipment and experiment. Many guests had strange and unusual paranormal encounters during this free time.

We look forward to returning to Marwell Hall in 2015.

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