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Lowndes Arms – 13-10-2012

Lowndes Arms ghost hunt 13th October 2012

Carl & I stayed downstairs with the guests and used Ouija Boards, Ghost Pro Meters, KII’s, PSB7’s etc.  For our first session Carl had 5 guests using the Ouija board and after a short while had spirit present.  The words were inconclusive but what they did notice was the MEL meter showed high readings of 3.2 when spirit was present.  Base line readings were 0.0 and as soon as we started it was never under 0.5, but when spirit said goodbye it went straight down to 0.0.

I started with 3 guests around a table trying glass movement, and although the glass didn’t move we heard taps on the glass.  We moved to a quieter area in the restaurant and tried again but no movement.  We then sat with our hands on the table, and could feel feather-like touches on our fingers.  I could also feel someone touching my hair.  We were feeling cold under the table too.  We established using the Ghost Pro that the spirit present was Geoffery who Steve (Medium) had seen earlier in the bar area.  The Ghost Pro started displaying odd sequences of lights, so I got a second one to see if the same happened to that one.  It didn’t however with both Ghost Pro’s turned on side by side we noticed that Geoffery came in on the same one, but a different energy was on the second one.

Steve (guest) had the name George in his head and when we asked the second Ghost Pro if he was George it answered yes.  We then established that both spirits were friends and used to drink here.  Steve & I were able to smell the beer they were drinking – a very strong ale.  Spirit were also able to affect the KII when asked several times.

For our second session I took four guests to the restaurant and we tried table tipping/moving.  We had some vibrations and very slight movement but nothing more.  A guest also swapped the Ghost Pro’s over, and Geoffery & George continued to come through on the same meters as before.

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