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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 4th October 2014

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 4th October 2014
Felixstowe, Suffolk

Landguard Fort remains one of the Ghost Hunt Events teams’ favourite venues, especially as a fort because it is one of the bigger forts that we investigate with so many rooms that we haven’t fully investigated and we have held events here for three years.

I usually try to hold my sessions in different rooms, for two reasons, one so that I can remember what happened and to who and secondly so that I investigate and see more of the fort.

The first session was held in a Magazine room in the rear of the fort (the front is the seaward side, the entrance is to the rear).

We were joined by Sergeant Robin an Army Sergeant from World War Two era wearing typical Khaki clothing and aged about 25. Throughout the séance that I held here we all heard mumbling (which wasn’t from any of our other groups, as they were too far away) footsteps, doors slamming and banging and the odd voice calling out.

There was some gentle arm movement amongst the guests, but the predominate physical action was that most people felt pushing sensations on the back of their knees.

There was a female spirit present, her name was Jane with a nickname of Janey and she was in her mid-30s.

The second group I chose a different magazine room (magazine rooms are those used to store cartridges and shells used for guns that would be mounted on the upper levels of the fort to fire at ships and planes) but near to the first.

Once again during the séance there was some gentle arm movement but more knocks and door banging. This time we investigated the door bangs but could not find any door that was banging in the wind as all doors were firmly closed and in some cases locked.

The third session was held in another area, away from the possible door bangs. This séance was different as the spirit energy just wanted to touch people with our arms. Although most of this this turned into people being swayed and pushed as they were not expecting to be moved. Many people felt heavy sensations on their shoulders with some people being pulled backwards much to their surprise.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and lots of paranormal activity witnessed and experienced by the guests and we are looking forward to our return visit in November 2014.

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