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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 23-3-2013

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 23rd March 2013
Felixstowe, Suffolk

It is not often that we do ghost hunts where the weather changes completely whilst we are indoors, but on this night after our first session we emerged from the tunnel complex to find that it was heavy snow and everything was white and slippery.

The first session I started with a séance after a brief session with some electronic gadgets as the spirit energies were high. A male energy called Donald joined us, he was aged in his early 20s wearing a light blue shirt and navy or black trousers, he had short brown hair, green coloured eyes and short brown hair with long sideburns. There was also a female spirit energy present that stood by the door to the room aged in her mid-40s but did not interact with us. During the séance some arm movement was experienced by the guests although this was lacklustre from what we normally encounter.

With the second group I held a séance again in a different room as we were walking with the guests I came across another room that two spirit energies happened to be present; David in his mid-50s and Thomas in his late 50s, Thomas was a boiler maintenance workman as he was dressed in a blue boiler suit with a white vest, he was also quite plump. As I asked that the spirit energies move the arms of the guests or push and pull them, very quickly some of the guests felt their arms move and some felt that they were very unstable on their feet as the spirit energies picked people at random to be moved. Much to the surprise and amazement of the guests.

After these two controlled sessions we allowed the guests to roam throughout the Fort, as it is a very large Fort with numerous rooms on two levels. During this time we give the guests some of our equipment so that they can conduct their own ghost hunt. As a team we took 10 minutes on our own to investigate the Caponier, which on previous ghost hunts has proved to be a very active area. Whilst here a young male spirit energy made himself known to me, his name was Walter and he was dressed in 1980s attire with a baseball cap on backwards, no shirt revealing his muscular build and jeans with DM boots. Whilst Walter did not do anything outstanding he was able to make the temperature fluctuate by many degrees up and down near to one member of the team.

From here we wondered around to seek out the guests to make sure that they were alright and came across a room full of new barrels (gun powder lookalikes). Whilst sitting quietly on the barrels one of them moved, which made a very distinctive noise and made many people jump!

Whilst in the upper gun rooms with some guests as we were trying to get out of the blizzard conditions that had developed outside, just as we entered a room we all heard a very distinctive “Hello”. This was spoken by a WWI soldier called Simon who was of a slim build with fair skin and Scottish. Using our Spirit boxes (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) to allow Simon some further communication with us but unfortunately nothing notable was heard, or rather nothing that we could understand, we could hear a voice periodically but could not understand the words we heard.

Whilst in the Radio room with other guests and they were keen to tell me of their earlier experiences in this room, the exact same phenomena happened in front of us. Jerry (guest) was explaining that when he in this particular room (a telecommunications room off the main room) he was looking at the equipment and as he turned to leave the room the door closed in front of him. I was talking to him about this incident and as we both started to walk towards the door, it closed in front of us. We tried to recreate this, but couldn’t, the door did not swing of its own accord to a closed position, it did however swing to an open position. There was no breeze in this room, as any wind would have to go through several other rooms to get here in a U shape and at that time there was no strong breeze outside. Whilst we were in this room the other guests were in the main room and the door was closed and no-one opened it as it was cold outside. I did not sense any spirit in the room at this time, but that does not mean none were present or caused the door to close.

In the main telecommunications room there was a female energy present, she was approximately 20 years old and dressed in a smart way, possibly a civilian working in a military environment. As we were talking to each other there were some very high levels of EMF energy that was detected on our electronic equipment and some rather strange noises, which sounded like a piece of furniture being moved across the floor, like the sound a chair would make if it were dragged.

Once again a strange ghost hunt were activity seemed to happen to small groups of people, usually when no-one was expecting it nor when a camera was present, or as in the last paragraph, just as people were leaving a room or area. As if the spirit wanted to give us something to make us stay a little longer. We are looking forward to our return to this venue when the weather is warmer.

EVPs (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by the team throughout the night, but nothing extraordinary was recorded.

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