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Kits Coty Ghost Hunt – 26/3/2011

After leaving our cars we walked down the road to the
Countless Stones (a.k.a. Little Kit’s Coty) during the séance there a female
energy made herself known to me, she stood about 5’5″ and was of slim
build and about 55 years old. She looked like a typical grandmother, she also
had the air of calmness about her, at this time two guests noted that they
could smell an ‘old fashioned’ perfume or a smell like talcum powder. Kayleigh
(guest) also said that she felt warm and cosy. The weather was windy and
slightly chilly with rain in the air, although it wasn’t raining. Lynn (seasoned
ghost hunter) said that the name Hetty seemed appropriate, however this was not
confirmed. Natalie (guest) who was standing to my right, felt a very warm
sensation through her arm, as did I. This was attributed to a male energy who
was standing behind me, he was in his early 20s and from 1870s, he proceeded to
move various people’s arms to my right, mainly Rochelle (guest) and Natalie.

There was also a 3rd energy present, another male
energy who stood at the entrance fence, he was in his mid fifties and well
built in stature, about 5’10” in height and was dressed as a typical
farmer, he seemed to be just watching what we were doing.

Louise (guest) who was standing to my left kept being pushed
forward by spirit, and in fact every time this happened Louise looked behind
her to see what it was!

A couple of guests also noted that when spirit were moving
their arms that they either felt a warm sensation or that they felt sick, after
I reassured them, they were fine. During the séance I asked whether any of the
energies could make a noise that we could all hear (bearing in mind we could
hear lots of traffic noise). At various times noises were heard by one or two
people, these ranged from either stones being thrown, or sticks being snapped
to quite a loud groan or huff that everyone heard. Most of the noises seemed to
come from behind me in the field between us and the road (which was quiet apart
from the odd car). When we moved closer to those railings the noise then seemed
to come from the entrance, which is where the groan came from in the first
place. I decided at this point that we would break the circle and see what we
could pick up using dowsing rods and EMF metres. There seemed to be a line of
energy which did not go through the centre of the Countless stones but right
alongside in a southerly direction. There were electricity pylons overhead but
this line was not parallel to them, in fact using the EMF we could not detect
anything from the overhead cables. After an EVP experiment we decided it was
too windy and headed towards Kit’s Coty.

Whilst walking up the path to Kit’s Coty, many people noted
that it felt like they were being watched or followed, about half way up I
decided to hold a séance because when I walked the path in the daylight I too
had those same feelings of being watched or followed. Not much happened during
this séance, mainly because most people looked scared or were very apprehensive,
nevertheless Rochelle’s torch, which was beside her feet suddenly switched
itself on, which made everyone jump. Whether this was spirit or not I have no
idea, but it was strange. Rochelle also tried to capture the séance on her
video camera, but after a very short time (less than 5 minutes) the battery was

Once we had made it to Kit’s Coty (which is quite a steep
path) we took in the views across the Kent countryside and then since it was
still windy I decided we would hold a séance on the footpath out of the wind.
This was a strange séance, because although I could sense the energy, it was if
they didn’t want to communicate, I said at the time that it seemed immature,
Kayleigh said that she felt as if she could bawl her eyes out. However the
energy did start to move various people’s arms and wobble them, much to their
amazement. Shadows were seen up and down the path by those people either with
their backs to the path or those looking in those directions. Lynn was standing
outside of the circle but after a few minutes she decided that she wanted to
join is as she did not feel safe on the outside.  The energy responsible was a boy called
Timothy who seemed to be lost, he was about 6-8 years old and had blonde hair.
He said to me that he was looking for his mummy. I asked my guide to find his
mummy and bring her to him so that he could go to wherever he was meant to be.
After that happened it was quieter, so we broke the circle and walked up the
path onto Blue bell hill and walked down this hill back to the cars.

Everyone enjoyed the experience and once again proved to
them that ghost hunting doesn’t have to be scary. Several guests were taking
photos and the ghost voice result of the 1st EVP experiment is on
the Ghost Hunt Events website.

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  1. tony says:

    regarding the young boy timothy im amazed . me and my team were conducting evps i asked is there was anyone here and the name timothy is clearly heard on the recording this in late july 2011 and ive just read your kits coty investigation found the match . poor timothy does exist … keep up the good work regards tony

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