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Kelvedon Hatch

Event Showcase: Kelvedon Hatch

History of Kelvedon Hatch, Secret Nuclear Bunker
Kelvedon Hatch, Secret Nuclear Bunker in Brentwood, Essex started its life as an RAF ROTOR Station, originally built in 1952 by the Air Ministry, then a brief period as a civil defence centre through to its most recent life as a Regional Government HQ.

Designed for up to 600 military and civilian personnel, possibly even the Prime Minister, their collective task being to organise the survival of the population in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

The bunker was decommissioned in 1992 and bought back into private ownership.

Ghost Hunting
Apparitions have been seen roaming the floors, moving room to room. Apparently witnesses have described it as taking the form of an ‘tall elderly lady’.

An RAF officer has been spotted and visitors have had the frightening experience of a woman in uniform who instructs them to leave the building!

We have been investigating #KelvedonHatch since August 2017 and on our first visit two members of our team heard a disembodied whistle whilst they were doing a recce, deciding where to hold their sessions before the guests arrived.

After the guests left, just 4 of our team decided to hold an EVP session in the boiler room (right at the bottom) and at the time we had two voice recorders recording at the same time and after one of the questions we played it back and we all heard the answer to the question “Scarlet Pimpernel” which is odd to say the least. What made this even weirder is then when we tried to listen again to these recordings at home, the recordings (on both machines) had disappeared!

Our favourite areas are; The boiler room for Tech and EVP’s, the sick bay for séances and table board and ouija boards work best in the communication rooms

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