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Hearing Enhancer

Hearing Enhancer

These are commonly used for those who have hearing problems to listen to television at home or for hunters to hear animals. When these devices were first developed no-one had envisaged that they could be useful in the paranormal sector. In fact, few people knew that spirits and ghostly phenomena is generally a few decibels lower that human speech. Often EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) must be enhanced so that we can hear the response.

Using these listening devices enables the wearer to hear conversations several meters away, whispers and other quiet noises that would be missed without their use.

A disadvantage is that someone who is not aware that people are wearing these can make loud noises which can be deafening! The other disadvantage is that these are directional, which means you must point the device in the direction you want to hear or enhance otherwise you will not hear anything at all. Another problem is that because whispers can be heard as loudly as someone standing next to the wearer voices and other noises can be easily misinterpreted.

We have used these in all manner of places and sometimes have heard things which we would not have if we were not using these enhancers. In some large venues or those that are very quiet these devices have been very useful as two people standing tens of meters away from each other can have a conversation without the need for two way radios and conduct individual EVP experiments without disturbing the other person.

Whilst these items were once popular with ghost hunters, they aren’t anymore, this is due to their limited use, the size of the device and now it is possible to get better audio recording devices and microphones which can record at very low decibels. These can still be found occasionally on Amazon or eBay for about £30

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