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Ghost Meter Pro

Ghost Meter Pro

This is a device that can be used to communicate with spirits. The Ghost Meter Pro measures the Electromagnetic energy in a similar way to a KII meter. The difference with this device is that it has four different modes, these modes enable communication as the lights are used for simple yes/no answers to questions. We tell people to use a simple one flash for yes, two for no. After a while of seeing the types of flash and how to interpret the flashing lights, users like the device.

As with the KII meter this device can be affected by electricity, mobile phones and wifi signals and the same precautions are required for successful use.

Like the KII the Ghost Meter Pro can be a very effective way to communicate with spirits and it is also very easy to determine whether the energy is a spirit energy or whether the device is picking up a man-made electromagnetic energy source. It is obvious when you see how the lights flash, as wifi, mobile phones, hearing aid loops and electricity all interfere with this device in waves, after a few minutes the user can see the repetitive flashes that man-made frequencies make.

We like this device and it is probably the most popular device that our guests want to investigate with because it is an easy instrument to use and once the user has got used to the types of questions that they can ask, the responses can be rewarding.

The Ghost Meter Pro is now not that easy to get hold of, however there are still sellers on eBay and Amazon selling them. The original ones came from the USA and you can still buy them from there. We would now expect to pay between £45 and £65 per item (depending on if it is new).

Be warned however there is a simpler Ghost Meter which does not have the four modes (which are needed for the communication mode) and is just like a KII as it is an EMF meter and not a very good one either.

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