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A Geophone is used to see noises. Strictly speaking these are data logging devices to record vibrations or sounds, however we are not after the scientific version, we just need to be able to see when there has been a noise or vibration. The device picks up sounds and converts this into light which is displayed by the device.

Some are round, others and square or oblong and others have a range of lights. The purpose of the device is the same, it is to “see” the noise. Depending on how the device lights up will depend on the loudness of the noise. Some models more lights, light up, others get brighter or different colours.

Whilst these do not measure the sound with any accuracy, these are purely designed to let you know that there is a noise or vibration. These devices are usually very accurate in picking up noise or vibrations that we cannot hear. This is also one of the downfalls of these devices, that any small movement create a noise or vibration. They are however ideal for lock-off situations or where there won’t be anyone present.

This is the reason why we like these devices as we can put them beside some other kit which has a camera pointed at it in a locked off area and know that if the geophone lights up then something must have made a noise.

At one time these were quite simple devices and you pick them up cheaply for about £20 in Maplin. However since their inclusion in the paranormal field and ghost hunting these are now quite expensive and start at about £35 and the top end models are about £80, found on Amazon or eBay.

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