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Full Spectrum Camera

Full Spectrum Camera

A Full Spectrum Camera takes photos using Infrared lights as well as Ultraviolet lights and visible light. Therefore, this covers the full spectrum of light. Admittedly we cannot see the full wavelengths of Infrared and Ultraviolet although a camera can capture objects that we cannot see.

The science behind it is that if a room is lit with infrared and ultraviolet lights, we may be able to record spirit energies. However, the power needed for all these lights limits the range of the camera, as portable infrared light shines about 3m (9 feet) with clarity, ultraviolet light shines a little less. That said, you never know when or what you may capture as we have found out on numerous occasions.

The biggest limitation is obviously the lights and the power to them, rechargeable batteries is a must, but they never last as long as needed!

Over the years we have photographed some amazing anomalies which defy science and the limitations of the cameras. These cameras are modified versions of normal cameras. It is worth the extra money to get a professional to convert the sensor as any wrong move could damage the sensor irreparably.

It is possible now to get 4K video full spectrum cameras as well as still cameras and most cameras don’t cost that much, a basic one would cost about £100, see Infraready as they have the biggest selection of cameras available in the UK. There are also many cameras available on Amazon and eBay.

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