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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013 (Jo)

Fort Horsted – 19th October 2013

Session 1: We began the session with a short 5 minute séance circle to build some energy. Spirit stepped forward and began to shove the men in the group using our arms. No physical activity happened to the women. Next we decided to try table tipping, and received a medium amount of movement, but during this there was knocking on the table when asked for. It seemed spirit found this easier than actually moving the table. Throughout the session, the KII meters were very active, we also heard moans and had consistent temperature drops.

Session 2: Again we began with a 5 minute circle to build the energy. Spirit was asked not to give physical activity during this time. This session was much more audible than the first, we received no movement on the table or with the glass, but continued to hear whistles on demand and footsteps below us in the tunnel and coming up the stairs. A few words were spoken on the Ovilus, but nothing that was relevant at the time.

Session 3: As usual, we started with a 5 minute circle, and some of the ladies in the group began to be moved quite violently, so we bought this to a close. We had very small rocking of the table, so decided to try the Ouija board. A female guest in the group had lost her son, Jake, and felt she was communicating with him via the board, so we continued this for the rest of the session.

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