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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 14-6-2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 14th June 2014
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted is one of our “special places” as we have held numerous ghost hunts here over the past three years, we have had many paranormal anomalies happen to use and our guests and every time we hold a ghost hunt here something memorable happens to some of the guests. This particular ghost hunt was no different although the most interesting thing happened in the last 20 minutes of our event.

Our event here on this particular date had less people than we are accustomed to, probably because it was England’s first World Cup football match. Nevertheless there were three groups.

The first group headed towards one of my favourite areas of the fort, this was a former magazine room at the far end of the fort and is the furthest away from all the other groups.

Here we met Thomas, aged in his early 60s and from the late 1960s era. Thomas seemed to be dressed as a handyman would have in that period of time. Thomas was a stocky built man with mostly a bald head.

I asked that Thomas move us in some way and this resulted in some of the guests arms being lifted and generally moved on their command. We also often heard footfalls and the sounds of people approaching us but as normal (we often hear these types of noises here) no-one arrived or entered the room.

The second group to this room had a much more productive session, with lots of arm movements, sometimes these were interlocked with each other or pulled to the floor. Thomas was still present and responsible for the movements.

We were also joined by a nurse called Alice who also assisted in moving people in various ways.

The third group also felt their arm moved, although this was not as exceptional as the second group although when we moved up to a room on the ramparts some very unusual and odd noises were heard. These noises sounded like someone walking across carpet, which is really strange because there is no carpet in the fort and there never would have been any.

In the free session is where the majority of the odd and unusual noises were heard as I had just taken a group down to the Counterscarp gallery and as soon as I got back to our base room, two guests asked if they could go to the same place. This is a physical place to get to as there are 90 steps to get there and 90 to get back!

Nevertheless I took these two guests down to see the Counterscarp Gallery as it is really interesting and the most secluded part of the fort. As we were walking between the right and left galleries we all heard strange breathing sounds and when I tapped on the railings we heard a clear response. If that wasn’t enough, we heard a mumbled conversation, women talking and a low or deep man’s voice. None of these noises could be explained because we were the only people in this part of the fort and not only that but we were also the last three people within the fort as all other guests had either left or were waiting with the rest of my team in the base room which is near the entrance to the fort.

All in all this was another successful ghost hunt that had an air of mystery about the place with activity happening just as we were supposed to be leaving and something else for us to investigate on our next visit.

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