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Fort Horsted – 17th October 2015 (Kym)

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Room 35
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
Group A – We started with a séance circle, and invited spirit to join us.  Many could feel the energy change around them when the spirits stepped close.  The guest to my right (Peter), his left arm started moving up, but very gently, and almost immediately went straight back down.  Guests were seeing lights flashing on the wall and people.  We moved around to see if others could see the same, and they were.  We were also seeing shadows around us too.  Sean (filming) was watching his torch on a shelf, and it kept disappearing from view.  He showed us all through the camera which we saw too.  Some were being pushed and pulled, and feeling cold spots around us too.  With not much more movement we tried the pendulums and rods.  We had a male spirit with us, he worked here and was military.  He said there were other spirits here with us.  With another team member saying that they had tried chair tipping in this room successfully before, we had a go.  Initially we divided the guests on two chairs.  I stood with one group touching a chair and immediately started feeling very dizzy.  I swapped with Dave (guest) and he felt the same.  But Peter & Leanne didn’t feel it when standing there.  The other chair was moving so we all switched to that one.  With all lightly touching the chair, it started moving.  Slowly it started lifting up.  It tried to spin around but fell down.  Tried again, but just lifted up.  Some tried pushing the chair back down and could feel resistance.

Group B – Started with the séance circle, and Colin (guest) to my right was getting pushed, pulled and twisted.  Cold spots were being felt by some around the circle.  We were also hearing noises/footsteps near us too.  With no more movement we did some dowsing and all had quite a lot of communication with spirit.  We were talking to a male spirit connected to the fort.  We tried some chair tipping but had no movement, so decided to go down the whistling tunnel nearby.  However just on entering we heard a whistle between us, thinking initially it was one of us whistling ourselves, but with clarification from everyone that they had not done it, we were quite happy to have heard it.

Group C – Starting with the séance circle many were being gently rocked to and fro.  Then some guests started having their arms moved up and down.  Asking them to ask spirit in their head to move their arms where they chose, they were amazed when spirit responded to their request every time.  Myself and guest to my left were both feeling a heavy weight on our shoulders, and started to be pushed down.  Others were being pushed down too.  Also a lot of laughter was expressed around the circle.  Some felt like they were being touched, and felt cold spots too.  We then tried some communication with spirit using the rods & pendulums, and spoke to male and female spirits.  We then went to the whistling tunnel, and again heard a whistle between us whilst entering.
In the free session I joined some guests in a new area, a long tunnel above Area 10.  Then I joined Kerry & guests in room 35 where they had been experiencing some fantastic Ouija & table tipping.  We then finished the night with some Ouija in area 10.
A fantastic night – fabulous guests – and an awesome venue!

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