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Fort Borstal with Roy Roberts – 20th June 2015 (Kym)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt with Roy Roberts 20th June 2015
Area: Counterscarp Gallery
Equipment: Ouija & Table Tipping

Before the guests arrived I took Trudi & Roy for a walk around the fort, showing them the different areas as they had not been here before.  We entered the Caponier first, and immediately they were picking up on children in this area, describing the term ‘powder monkey’s’.  Roy was also feeling there was more to this area underneath, vehicles being buried, and the owner confirmed this room was above the moat which in fact had old vehicles in it.  We then went to the Counterscarp Gallery and neither Roy or Trudi felt comfortable going down the stairs, not because of their steepness, but sensing the spirits down there didn’t want them near.  On entering the opposite Counterscarp, before we had even reached the top of the stairs I saw a sheep there.  Advising Trudi & Roy behind me to “step back there is a sheep”, they immediately thought I meant a ‘ghost sheep’.  Once they realised the sheep was alive and running towards them, they immediately moved back, but the laughter of that moment continued for the rest of the night!

With Trudi deciding she wanted to work in the first counterscarp, intrigued by the unwelcome spirits in that area, we took our first group down there.  Initially Sean (camera) took the guests right, as I wanted Trudi to feel the left area first on her own.  What was odd as we stood there, Trudi holding her torch switched on with the red light, a shadow passed in front of her torch beam.  Knowing neither of us had moved at this points, and Trudi’s hand was holding the torch away from the light end, we couldn’t explain why this happened.  Feeling excited that spirit were in this area wanting to work with us, and sensing the opposite end was not too active we started with a séance circle to ask the spirits to come closer.
During the circle we were all feeling coldness behind us as it moved around the circle.  Val to my right and I could feel an extreme coldness between us, with my right side and her left side only feeling cold.  Trudi sensed one of the spirits was a colonel, with the name Stephen Stark.
We started with some guests on the Ouija table but with no movement tried the pendulums, and was communicating with a builder aged 30.  On the table tipping it started rocking then lifted up high on one side.  It then spun round once, and with it still lifted up one side, all the guests tried pushing the table back down and could feel a lot of resistance.  Some of the other guests tried table tipping, and even with just two guests it continued to rock significantly.  The guests enjoyed communicating with the spirits, establishing a yes & no movement so they could ask questions.  Trudi and guests could sense a spirit in the tunnel, they could also hear noises and a whistle.  We continued with all guests on both tables doing table tipping, asking the spirits with us to move both tables at the same time, which they did.  Whilst I was asking spirit to do this I heard one heavy footstep behind me in the tunnel.  Trudi walked towards the spirit in the tunnel but she could sense him walking further away.  When we left the area, Sean & Trudi were last, and they could both feel the spirit behind them, almost like he was escorting us off.

With the second group we started a séance circle and could feel coldness around us again.  I and some guests started with the table tipping, had some slight movement, but decided to move to the end room, and the table started moving a little more.  However just before the table started moving a lot the camera battery suddenly died with more than 40 minutes remaining.  Unfortunately Sean didn’t bring a spare battery with him.  We continued with the table tipping, guests trying to push the table back down and feeling the resistance whilst doing so.  Trudi had taken the remaining guests into the opposite area and was holding a séance circle with them.  The spirit that was with her was a young boy called Will Ballard aged 12.  He had a strap across his body and filled musket guns with powder.  He was happy and well liked, got on well with everyone, and was with his uncle and brother.  He died when he was 32 but was showing himself to Trudi when he was 12.  We think this was because this was the age he was at the fort.  Trudi was asking him what he ate, he didn’t know what a sandwich was, but eat brown bread and chicken.  We then joined the other guests so everyone could try the table tipping.

With the last group, during the séance circle some of the guests had some movement ie. arms being moved up/down/forward & back.  Trudi could sense the spirit of a male called Grant, and then she could sense another male spirit in the corridor.  With the spirits wanting to work with us we started the ouija & table tipping.

With Trudi & guests on the ouija we had a man called George, possibly involved in hanging someone, he dealt with buried bodies, and had buried another man.  He may have a link to royalty, but although the glass was moving a lot, the spirit wouldn’t confirm the king or queen at the time.  Jenny (guest) was feeling sick, and had a taste of blood in her mouth, so I took her back to the base room.  I returned to the table tipping and had a lot of movement.  We asked spirit to show us a movement for yes & no, and were able to establish the following information:  the spirit was male, age 50, name was Edward but liked to be called Eddie.  He lived in a cottage in the woods nearby, with a stream.  He fished in the stream, and sold the fish.  He had a wife and three children, but had lost a child.  They grew vegetables to eat.  The spirit was standing behind Tim (guest) saying he reminded him of one of his sons.  The table started moving a lot, the other guests joined us but shortly after the spirit left us.

For the final session of the night, all the guests and team joined Roy in the Caponier for a Trance Session.  Whilst I didn’t fully go into a trance, it was quite odd feeling myself swaying a lot when Roy asked us to, but with my feet feeling rooted to the ground.  I did notice my colleague Sue opposite me looking like she was going to fall over, so went to her.  When she came round she said she had an elderly lady with her who had a crippled left hand.
An interesting night, very different from our normal events as we had joined with Roy Roberts and his team, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Trudi & Kym

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