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Fort Borstal private ghost hunt – 13-7-2013

Fort Borstal private ghost hunt 13th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

Due to this being a private ghost hunt we do things a little differently and allow the guests to have a lot more free time or time not set aside for fixed activities. We have found this usually makes the spirit energies more likely to engage with us and thus everyone gets a better ghost hunt.

After splitting the relatively small group down into two small groups, each group headed off, I took the first group to the Officers’ Mess and picked one of the many active rooms.

Within a few minutes two spirit energies came into the room; a female nurse from Second World War era called Margaret, who was about 25 years old, and about 5’8” in height and an unknown male energy who just looked at people and then promptly left. Although this male energy did continuously pop in and out and every time he did, some people in the room felt his presence.

Various KII (EMF – Electro-Magnetic Field) spikes were seen on the meters and there were also various communication answered on our electronic equipment.

I then asked a few guests to hold out their hands so that they could feel Margaret’s energy and several guests reported feeling the same sensations; a static electricity that started in their fingers and slowly travelled up their arms until it reached their elbow and a warm sensation.

After this I started a séance to try to get the spirit energies to come and touch various people. Within a few minutes Margaret was able to lift some peoples arms, starting with me, but it was easier for me to move around the circle so that everyone could feel what it felt like. Many of the hand movements were on command. I then asked the spirit to push or sway people and whilst the activity was slow, many guests did feel themselves losing their balance, which is a common occurrence when spirit try to move people.

Several times Carl (GHE team) whistled and asked for a response, however we heard a whistle response, but Carl didn’t.

At the end of this session we allowed the guests to roam about with our equipment.

The second group to this area, we started in the same room as the first and within a matter of minutes, Margaret came through and once again guests were able to ask questions and get intelligent answers. This time there was also another male spirit who I have come across before, but since I don’t usually spend time in this area during the public ghost hunts it has been a while since I talked to this spirit energy. His name was Sergeant Andrews and whilst we would call him a strict person, he did not think like that.

During the séance part of the night, arm movement was much better than the first group and always happened on command and this time the spirit energies were able to move different people within the group, without me having to move. Several guests had parts of their bodies stroked (chests and arms) and many had slow but defined punches, some guests were twisted and bent backwards.

One particular guest who was unusually quiet looked according to Carl (GHE Camera) slightly rigid almost as if he was fixed to the spot where he stood. As the arm movement progressed various people were also swayed and pushed and then suddenly the whole group was pulled in one direction. I was expecting us to stop when we got to the wall, but the spirit then carried on pulling us until we were forced to leave the room (still holding hands), along the corridor and into the adjoining room and pushed against the wall. It was a very strange experience. All the while the guest that felt the urge to move said he felt fine, but the tone of his voice did not suggest to the rest of us that he was, he seemed to take on the strictness of the spirit who were present, which by this time also included a Welshman who did not want to tell me his name. However once we were in this room I could see an outline of a spirit (as could a guest) but no detail, as we both started to describe him, we were both forced to the floor so that we could not see him anymore. After we were allowed to stand up the energy faded away and therefore I ended the séance as the spirit had obviously completed what they set out to do, however strange and odd it seemed to us.

The third session we all ventured into the Counterscarp Galleries as the staircase is not something you would walk frequently especially since this particular evening was a very warm one, although in the tunnels it is always cold.

One group of guests stayed with me, the other went off with Marc (GHE team) and tried some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments. The guests wanted to do another séance so I asked that the spirit join us, almost immediately Captain Daniel Bedford joined us (he is a frequent spirit energy in these tunnels) and started to move peoples arms, twisting them with other and generally moving as many people as he could, which turned out to be everyone accept one person. Various signs were “drawn” on people from a typical iconic smiley face symbol and various circles although at one point several male guests had their chins pushed upwards, similar to how an officer in the army would stand (chin up). There were also some strange punching sensations (which is a frequent occurrence with this spirit) and tapping and touching of people’s heads.

Since the guest that didn’t get moved wanted to feel something we walked to the other end of the tunnel after everyone had left (just 3 remained) and I was able to convince the spirit to move this guest and affect him without anyone touching him. Gently the spirit lifted his left arm and manipulated his right arm and when I asked for the spirit to push him, he got pushed, slowly at first and then more forcefully. At the end of this session I asked the guest to ask the spirit a question and I also asked a question, this was recorded as part of my EVP experiment. You can hear the results at

All four of us then stood opposite each other but without holding hands and as I asked the spirit to push people, one at a time everyone started to feel a swaying motion, several times the guests had to take a step forwards or backwards to stop themselves falling over. During this we all heard some strange noises, the noises I heard sounded like heavy breathing just behind me, whilst other heard a drone sound.

After this guests spent the rest of the night venturing off on their own and spending time table tilting in the Caponier, which from what I witnessed was very impressive, the table moved violently and the guests were hardly touching it and in some guests each had just one finger on the table.

Once again a very active and interesting night and many guests felt or heard real paranormal activity.

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