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Fort Borstal (leader 2) – 4-5-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 4th May 2013
Rochester, Kent

Group One:

First session was in the Caponier

As we entered the caponier the guest in the group commented on how spooky the area was with the remains of the smoke from earlier in the day. We started of with handing out K2 and Ghost Pro’s and CH explained how each bit of kit worked and what the guests need to look out for.

After the kit briefing, Jo started the session with a seance circle to build the energy. Almost straight away guest start to feel movement in the hands and arms. As the seance continued the movement became more pronounced and a number of guest arms started to move up and backwards. Carl was moving around the circle taking MEL Meter readers and he noticed that there was some high spikes and temp spikes around a couple of the male guests (Spikes of 8.7 and 10.8 mgs and at one point the temp dropped my a couple of degrees.) As the seance continued the arm movement carried on getting stronger and at one stage the same male guest was pushed to the floor. Jo asked the guest if he needed assistance and he refused.  He was asked  if he wanted to be be put in the center  of the  circle which he eventually agreed to, Carl assisted with this. helped this guest up and noticed that when he touched the guesst back, his back was very hot and the guest also commented on this. Shortly after this Carl started to fell sick and had to leave  the area and before he could get out of the caponier he was sick on the steps.

Group Two:

We again headed to the caponier and after the kit was handed out and briefed on how it worked. We started the session with a seance circle to build the energy. As in the first session the guests started to have hand and arm movement after Jo asked for spirit to step forward and this movement became more pronounced and one of the male guest commented on how strange he was feeling. Carl took some MEL Meter readers behind the guest and was amazed at the high spikes he got (48.7mgs and over 30c temp, this temp was strange as the room baseline readings was 9c).  Jo and the rest of the group where pushed to the  ground in front of one male guest, as if in worship! At mid way thought this session Jo had said how she was feeling the energy changing and feeling more foreboding. We ended the session with SB7 session with out anything to report.

Group Three:

We again headed to the steps to the Caponier and started the session in the same manor as the previous groups, with a seance circle and again we started to get hand and arm movement straight away and again one of the male guest was pushed to the floor and one of the female guests comment how the atmosphere had taken on a more apprehensive feeling in the room. During the seance Jo felt like she was “punched in the solar plexus”, and was very uncomfortable for a period of time. One  of the guests commented that there was a male energy around us that didn’t like Jo. Jo knows this, as she had on previous events experienced the same energy and it was good to see a guest picking up on this and it confirms her previous experiences in the room. At this stage we dropped hands as the guest wanted to try an table tipping session. The whole of the group sit in circle every Friday night so they are spirituality aware. Shortly after starting the session the table started to move quickly around the room and the guest struggled to keep up with it. This table tipping session was one of the most interesting and active session we have ever witnessed and as the session ended, Jo and Carl and a number of guest witness the table moving on it own.


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