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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-09-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 27th September 2013
Rochester, Kent

We have visited Fort Borstal enough times now to know what to expect or which spirits may visit us especially because I have seen the same spirit energies time after time. However we cannot predict what will happen because that is the nature of what we do. I am also surprised what the spirit energies are capable of, especially to certain people. This was one of those nights where the spirit energies were predictable, but what they did to the guests wasn’t. It was different to say the least!

As usual I chose the double counterscarp gallery as my area for the night, I choose this area because the level of spiritual activity is much higher within this area, I attribute this to the men that spent many hours toiling here, either building the place or when stationed here.

The first group of guests into the space I made my way to the end room, this seems to be more active than any other room, and unsurprisingly it is also the smallest room.

We were joined by Captain Daniel Bedford, a spirit that I have often encountered here. I asked as I usually do for the spirit to lift the arms of the guests, which Captain Daniel set about achieving. Those that didn’t feel their arms being lifted felt the alternative, pushing and swaying.

Once Captain Daniel mastered the art of lifting people’s arms and pushing the forwards and backwards and generally rocking them he then proceeded to drag people to the floor by their arms, this is not surprising as this happens very frequently by this spirit in this room. However what I wasn’t expecting is what happened after this. People were being dragged against their will out of the room, fighting the movement didn’t work as there seemed to be two choices, either fall on the floor or be pulled out of the room. Those on the floor had no choice but to move where the rest of the guests were moving.

I brought this séance circle to a quicker close than I would normally because the movements were very forceful and apart from the guests there was no other team member of mine present and hence no light in the room. The reason for this forceful movement wasn’t immediately apparent, it was only when I faced the other room that I could see another male spirit, someone who I had not seen here before and he didn’t look very happy.

The guests then wandered throughout the counterscarp galleries with some of our ghost hunting equipment as this was safer than staying in the room with an unhappy spirit.

Strange noises were heard throughout our time in the counterscarp galleries, although there was no obvious explanation for any of them.

The second group to the counterscarp galleries were very apprehensive walking through the tunnels and I led them to the same room that we had recently been forced out of. For two reasons, one to see if it would happen again and two, to find out which spirit was responsible.

Immediately Captain Daniel made himself known to me as did another familiar male spirit; Biffa or Bernard to his mum. Biffa was a prisoner who was forced to work on the fort and I have the distinct impression that this part of the fort was built by him.

I started a séance circle and once again asked for the spirit to move people’s arms. This eventually affected everyone in the room although it took a lot longer for the spirit to achieve this. After the spirits had lifted the majority of people’s arm they both then started to push people and once again push or pull them down to the floor by their arms. It didn’t seem to matter what anyone said either in their heads or out loud the spirits ignored everyone’s wish and pulled then down towards the floor. Those who were not dragged down onto the floor were being manipulated in other ways and were being moved, twisted and swayed much to the guests’ amazement. Some people were pushed and twisted so that they were facing the wrong way in the group. They were looking out whilst everyone else was looking in. This proved to be very amusing, both for the guest and the spirits who obviously enjoyed manipulating people in this way.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the sensation that the first group felt of being dragged out of the room against their will didn’t happen to the second group, instead we were all pushed, twisted and generally moved in gentle but purposeful ways.

After our controlled sessions guests were allowed to roam freely around the Fort with our ghost hunting equipment, I joined various groups of people in all areas of the fort and helped them to ascertain what spirit was with them and I was able to tell them details about the spirit.

Once again an enjoyable ghost hunt where everyone had some form of a paranormal encounter, some of the paranormal experiences were memorable, but probably for the wrong reasons, like being dragged against your will, but that is the nature of what we do, it is unpredictable.

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