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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 16-11-2013 (Kym)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 16th November 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

After handing out equipment and showing the guests how to use them, we had ghost pro activity immediately.  The pendulums and dowsing rods were also moving.  The guests all went off to explore and I followed Debbie (guest) into room 2.  Whilst standing in the dark Debbie suddenly felt uneasy and stepped towards me, she had thought I was to her left and felt unnerved when she realised I wasn’t.  I then saw a shadow in front of us, so we laid the KII on the floor in there asking spirit to light up the KII.  Although no lights on the KII, we were seeing lights around the KII.  Two female guests joined us, and again we were all seeing the same lights, and shadows.  Debbie felt a tug on her hair twice.  Two more guests joined us and stood where Debbie was, and they heard taps on the wall to their left.  We all moved nearer and were hearing them too, similar to the sound of plaster falling off the wall onto the floor, on checking we could see evidence of this on the floor.  We all moved to room 4 for the final few minutes, and all guests experienced ghost pro activity, and movement from the rods & pendulums, always moving to their request – to their surprise!

With my second group we stayed at the top of the corridor as all the rods & pendulums were moving a lot.  Jason joined us to film, and whilst standing in the corner a cable that was hanging down, moved over his right shoulder.  He was sure he hadn’t moved so he pushed the cable back and asked if it was spirit to do it again, whilst I filmed.  With a lot of encouragement from all, the cable started swinging, then moved over Jason’s shoulder again.  The pendulums & rods were spinning with force too.  As it all started to slow down everyone decided to explore the area with kit.  Guests were pleased to receive continued evidence of spirit presence by cold touches on their hands when asking, and rods pointing to where the male & female spirits were standing, of which the spirits were apparently related.

Between sessions team had the opportunity for some free time, and myself & Jo took the Ouija table down to the Officers Mess ready for the guests ‘free time’.  We stayed for a short while and tried some table tipping.  The spirit was able to move the table with a lot of rocking.  On leaving I asked spirit did they want the table in room 5 or room 4, asking in turn to give us a sign.  With no response we left the table in the corridor outside room 5.  When the group of guests headed down there I asked for them to check where the table was, only saying it was left in the corridor.  When they returned they asked where I left it, I confirmed in the corridor, they asked outside room 4, I said no – outside room 5, to our surprise the table was found outside room 4, not room 5 !  A ‘lock off’ camera may be need next time !

Again a fab night at Fort Borstal !

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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