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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 16-11-2013 (Jo)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 16th November 2013

Tonight myself and Sue spent the evening in the Caponier of the Fort, taking 2 groups on separate sessions, each beginning with a short circle to build some energy in the room for spirit to use. We split each group down in half to give each a chance to try both activities, table tipping and The new Spring Ouija board.

Group 1: As the group had been split, I just had the three guests to try out the new Spring Ouija board ( a round Ouija board that has an upper level which spirit is able to bend, a little like table tipping). This is the first time we had used this Ouija board so had no idea what to expect, and as we are the only group that goes to Fort Borstal, I am pretty sure spirit had never seen one either! Although we had some initials given to us, RS, 16 years old and 1956, at this point the top of the board did not move at all, and all information was given by spirit in the conventional way.

We then swapped with Sue’s group, us going over to try table tipping. The spirit that began to move the table was very strong, and seemed to be very responsive to both Jack and Liam, (guests) tipping rapidly and firmly between the two of them. This remained continuous until the end of the session. The boys seemed quite baffled, as neither could explain the movement of the table as I had come away and it was only the two of them touching it.

Group 2: Again Sue and I split the group down as before,4 on the Ouija (including myself) and 3 table tipping. The first group on the Ouija board had a great experience. Although we had no significant information given to us to begin with, spirit had by this time realized that the top part was able to be moved! When asked for, spirit began to tip and twist the top in all directions and genuinely seemed to be having “fun” with it. We asked spirit if he ( I say he, it very much felt a male energy) was able to push the top right down so that it would knock on the base to which he obliged on more than one occasion. We then used tipping in 2 directions, one for yes, one for no. We were able to work out that spirit was 67 years old and had been a Sergeant in the Army, although not certain, I would say WW2, as it didn’t feel to be an extremely old spirit.

Sadly, when we swapped the groups over, no more movement was received on the board.

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