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Fort Borstal 30th August 2014 – Paranormal Investigator Kym

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 30th August 2014
Rochester, Kent

Area: The Cartridge Stores
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija

Group A  – Tonight I was lucky enough to be in a new area, and with my first group we started with using the pendulums.  Everyone started receiving movement, and once they had established their yes/no answers we asked the spirits questions.  Various spirits joined us, male & female, old and young, we had 9 spirits with us in total.
We then tried using the Ouija table and after a short while the glass started moving.  However after about 20 minutes of random words coming through, it seemed the spirits were staying with us briefly, then changing over.  We did notice the table creaking a lot from the frame underneath throughout.

Group B – With my second group again we started with the pendulums, and guests were able to ask the spirits questions about who they were.  We had similar responses to the first group.  We did then try the Ouija table, but only received one slight movement when just two people touching.  Again the table was creaking underneath.  We did then spend sometime on the Gun Emplacement area above, and some guests kept seeing a white shadow.  When we returned downstairs to return equipment to our room, two guests heard an unusual noise, growl/stomach noise.
Free Session – I joined most of the guests back in the cartridge stores as they had been trying to get some glass movement.  Again we had some slight movement, but as the table kept creaking underneath, we tried some table tipping.  However the table only lifted up once.
Interesting area, and one I look forward to returning again.

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