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Fort Borstal – 13th November 2015 (Kym)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 13th November 2015
Rochester, Kent


With my group tonight I was doing the Human Pendulum, and the first spirit that joined us was a female spirit who had worked here at the fort in the Second World War.  Her husband was also stationed here, who was with her in spirit.  They had both passed away from old age.

The next spirit that joined us was a male friend of the previous female spirit, and he shared some details of his life here at the fort.

The final spirit that joined us was a female, however had wanted to be a man, to give her the opportunity for better employment.  She initially said she had joined the marines, but also said yes to being in the navy and a fisherman.  She said she was from the 1700’s and had passed before she was twenty.  The guest standing in the middle was Anita, and when we stopped she had been hearing an old war song in her head, with the name Polly in it.  To myself and Louise’s (team) surprise we had both had the name Polly in our head throughout.  Was this the name of the spirit, or did she just like singing that song.  We asked the spirit to join us in the Ouija session, so we could find out some more details about her.

We also wanted to try an experiment, I wrote a word in my notepad, and asked spirit to copy this word on the Ouija when asked.  This word was not shown to anyone.  However, when we did ask spirit to copy this word later on, with the spirits confirming they knew the word, they were unable to copy it on the Ouija until we had asked several times, and re-shown the word to spirit.

Also, throughout the pendulum session we were all hearing noises and footsteps around us, and some guests felt like they were being touched.

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