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Fort Amherst – 11th December 2015 – Kym

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 11th December 2015
Chatham, Kent


Area: Upper Gun Floor
Human Pendulum

We had kept all the guests together for this event as the numbers were low enough, therefore I only had one controlled session.  My first guest in the middle was Nina, and the spirit we were communicating with was a male in his thirties.  He had murdered someone, over a woman.  He had children but had not married.  The second guest in the middle was Dean, and we had a female spirit, who was the daughter of the previous spirit.  Then we had a female friend of the daughter.  The last spirit to come through was connected to one of the guests called Sharon, she was an Aunt who had passed away just a short time ago.  Sharon was thrilled to have her come through, and although this isn’t normal for spirits we know to come through, she obviously need to receive that message.

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