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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 7th February 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our first visit to the Explosion Museum and since I was the only person to have visited before, I was also the only person to know where the better areas to ghost hunt. This site is so huge and instead of using all buildings that we could, I selected three that I thought would reveal the most activity. Since we are visiting a number of times this year, we will use different buildings throughout the year.

All my groups headed towards the Officers Admin building, as this seemed quite interesting when I visited in the day time.

All groups experienced movement in the séances, mostly arm movement and random pushing and pulling sensations but on several occasions there were noises that were not part of the building. Also whilst holding the séances in one of the bigger rooms, people of the groups kept seeing shadows and movements in the corners of their eye that they thought were spirits looking into the room from a long central corridor.

The spirit who visited us in this building were a mixture of shy and dominant. The first spirit was called Adrian and was a Canadian and he was quite entertaining as he was able to push and pull people in any way that he chose, although he didn’t really want to talk to me. There was also a very domineering older spirit who was a Lieutenant Colonel who didn’t really like us in “his” building and a female spirit who was equally quite strict and domineering.

In the first session we heard noises when we were upstairs that sounded like someone had entered the building. (No one was wandering around the site) and then when we were downstairs we heard noises from upstairs which sounded like someone walking around wearing dress shoes. There was also one noise that sounded like a case or heavy bag being dropped.

As we were exploring the building we passed a number of plastic chairs and a couple of arm chairs. These were all uninteresting in general but as we made our way through one part of the building (the oldest incidentally) to the toilet part and then returned through the same rooms, one of the plastic chairs looked as if someone had knocked or pushed it so that it was resting on its rear legs against the wall. Since there were only 5 people in the group and me, everyone said that they didn’t move the chair and it would seem unlikely that this was caused by something environmental.

There was one room downstairs that all three groups felt a similar experience in. It was a “busy” room with lots of oddness about it and this was also the same room and the one next to it with the chairs, but what was even more interesting is that whilst we were in these rooms we heard noises upstairs mostly footsteps, doors slamming (there were no doors that slammed and the majority of rooms didn’t have doors or the hinges were broken on those that did). There also seemed to be a noise of a conversation (two women and a man) in the distance, it was never clear enough to hear the words, but it was loud enough that we could hear it.

This was a very interesting ghost hunt and a venue which we are looking forward to returning to later in the year, hopefully our next visit will be just as interesting.

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