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Darnley Mausoleum ghost hunt – 23-9-2011

Darnley Mausoleum woods – 23rd September 2011

After leaving the car park and making our way to the mausoleum, which was a lot further in the dark than I remember when it was daylight!

After various people took photographs of the Mausoleum, some had the ability to capture orbs, I and many other did not. We wondered down a path which proved very active when I came in the day time. Once again we were not disappointed, after asking for spirit to gently push people or raise their arms, several guests had their arms raised including myself (of course). I would like to add that if you do not want to feel spiritual activity and generally you would rather be left alone until you are more comfortable with the idea, then don’t stand near me, as the spirits generally start with me then go on to others.

There was a male energy that was responsible for the arm movement, he also pushed Graham. When I asked Ellen if she was feeling anything on her right side, as the energy was standing near to her, she reported a tingling sensation on that side. I also asked for spirit in general to make some noise, almost immediately so random odd noises were heard by all in the woodland behind us. The sounds were like branches cracking which is possible in a wood, but it wasn’t windy and we did not hear those noises until we started. The EMF metres were also very active.

Our second session was in an area which I found rather odd, as I could smell Bovril (or something similar when I visited in the day time).
Once again spirit activity on the EMF metres was detected in many places along the path and as a Medium I could sense that spirit energy was all around us but generally speaking the spirits we watching us rather than participating with us. Maybe this kind of activity doesn’t take place in these woods and the spirits in question did not trust us? However when I asked for spirit to make a noise almost instantly a loud cracking/falling noise was heard. Again we asked several times and sometimes we heard faint tapping as if someone was hitting a tree with a stick. There was a group of about five of us standing together and every time we asked for spirit to make a noise they did, in fact seven times we asked and seven times we had a response. Some of those noises sounded like something very heavy being dropped yet we saw nothing (to make the noises). However some people saw lights, Debbie even thought she saw a person in a light blue sweatshirt standing further down the path, this startled her at the time!

We also heard many footfalls which sounded like someone was approaching us on the path and yet no one every arrived. Many of the noises occurred just behind a guest which startled them but more importantly every time this happened it sounded like a heavy object and as far as I know branches do not just fall from trees for no reason.

Once again this was an interesting venue and one which we will be investigating again, probably next year as with winter weather approaching and an exposed location it could be a very cold.

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