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D-Day tunnels ghost hunt 30-11-2013 (Kym)

D-Day Tunnels ghost hunt, Portsmouth 30th November 2013

Sue (GHE Team) wanted to return to an upstairs room she had been in on a previous ghost hunt, so after making sure we knew exactly where we were going (leaving markers) we took the group of guests.  On entering the room we all commented how warm it was, Sue had felt this before in this room.  Some guests were drawn to the rear of the room, where you could see the chalk wall showing where the tunnel had been dug out.  We decided to all do a séance circle to bring the energies closer.  Some of the guests hold regular ghost hunts themselves, and were able to sense the spirit around us.  We asked spirit how many spirits in the room with us, the ghost pro confirmed 7.  Donna (guest) could see a male spirit, looking very angry with a disfigured face.  Some of us started swaying.  We were able to communicate with the spirit with the ghost pros too.  Donna could see the spirit standing behind me, I could feel a tingling sensation on the top and back of my head.  I could then feel pressure in my ears, and Donna said “ I’m sorry but I can see him sticking his tongue in your ears!” Yuck!  Some of us started itching in various places, we asked spirit via the ghost pro if he had fleas, he responded with a yes.  Myself, and four guests to my left were all feeling a heavy weight on our left shoulders.  We were hearing noises around us too, as if spirit were throwing stones, and seeing shadows in the doorway.

With the spirit saying he will talk to us through the Ouija board we all dropped hands and tried the Ouija board.  We received the following information; year he was here 1637, had 5 children, his name started with the initial L, his wife was called Helena.  His wife had been raped, by a work colleague, and as a result the work colleague had slit his throat.  We also realised after, the disfigurement in his face was because of a fire, and maybe that’s why we were all feeling warm.

During the Ouija session I joined a guest (Peter) on the stairs who was feeling tightness in his chest, with difficulty breathing.  When I joined him I could feel it too.  I also felt a tingling on my head, and Peter was feeling cold in front of him.

On leaving this area Zoe (guest) suddenly felt like someone was right in front of her, saying “you’re gonna burn”.  She felt very unnerved by this, and upon returning to base had to go outside and cry.

As we were all walking back to base, on the floor in front of us was a rubber foot (there are various things like this around the fort).  We knew it hadn’t been there as we walked through, and thought the other team members had put it there for fun.  However when mentioning this to them, they said they had not been to that area, and definitely did not do that!

Kym McMillan
Sue Kyle
Kerry Gasiami
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