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Colchester Town Hall – 28th November 2015 – Steve

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 28th November 2015
Colchester, Essex


For my séance session I held all of them in the top floor flat or what used to be a flat, the two end rooms are the strangest with odd sensations being felt by guests over several events that we have hosted here.

This time though we were joined by a male spirit called Robert who was a Council Official in 1950s and 60s who was run over by a car on the high street. This particular spirit made those who encountered him feel dizzy, disorientated and made the room feel oppressive.

We were also joined by a spirit called Peter who was from 1902, he was aged about 15 and was responsible for touching some people’s bums and making odd noises.

There was also a spirit who was from Harwich and a Fishmonger who sold his fish in the weekly market.

All séances guests felt the spirit present by way of gentle arm movement or not so gentle movement with some people being pushed or dragged to the floor by their arms. Some of the guests felt the pain of the spirit i.e. head trauma. Whilst others saw things that they could not explain – a man standing at the end of the corridor wearing a Guy Fawkes style hat (flower pot)

This was an excellent ghost hunt with all guests having some form of paranormal encounter with the spirit present.

We look forward to returning to this venue

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