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Charlton House – 10th October 2015 (Kym)

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015

Area: Attic
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ghost Pro, KII, Spirit Box, Ovilus III, Mel Meter

Group C – This was a new area for us to work in, we had ventured into this area in the free session before, but it was a great opportunity to experience this place more.  We started by using the dowsing rods & pendulums, many had used these before, and had visited this venue before.  Two female guests were communicating with a female spirit, her husband and a son.  They were feeling them too by the static energies moving around them.  They were also sensing a small girl too.  They were hearing tapping, and when asking spirit to repeat, they would hear it again.  We then started using the equipment, no activity all night on the KII’s, but a lot of communication with the Ghost Pro’s.  Some were experiencing headaches, and feeling sick in a certain room.  On the Ovilus when asking spirit his name we got Paul, when asking if that was his name we got “rewind”.  Seemed quite apt.

Group A – Started with the rods & pendulums, and guests went off to explore the area communicating with spirit.  I also handed out kit for the guests to use.  Jo (guest) wanted to know the name of the spirit she was communicating with, and as I often say we are all receptive to spirit communication if we allow, so I left her on her own for a short while, asking spirit their name, and she had two names given to her in her head: Michael & Sam.  We asked the ghost pro if Michael was his name, and it answered yes.  Asked a few more questions; Michael had lived here, he didn’t own the house, but his family did.  Then a different spirit started communicating with us on the ghost pro, I suggested Jo ask if it was Sam, and answered yes.  He was the brother of Michael.  We asked how old Sam was, and the Ovilus answered “six”.  Whilst we were all standing at the top of the stairs, we all heard a loud bang in one of the rooms behind us.  This was the door to the roof, but checking, it was securely closed.  We continued to communicate with Sam, and I felt a touch on my leg.  I then felt a touch & coldness to my right hand, asking for Sam to touch Jo she immediately felt a coldness on her hand, and a tug on her little finger.

Group B – Again we started by using the rods & pendulums, and most had spirit communication.  Female & male spirits.  One guest had the name “Sam Moore” in her head.  Guests were feeling cold areas around them.  They were also being touched and pushed.  Someone felt her arm being moved up whilst holding the dowsing rods.  Whilst we were all standing at the top of the stairs, we asked the spirit to touch us, and two guests felt a cold touch on their thighs, in the same place at the same time.
An interesting area, and when entering at the start of the evening on my own I had the feeling of being watched, sensing there were many that wanted to communicate with us.  We were not disappointed.

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