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Army Flying Museum – 23rd January 2016 – Louise

Army Flying Museum ghost hunt 23rd January 2016
Middle Wallop, Hampshire


Equipment: Table tipping/ Ouija board

For this session it was decided that I use a conference room. I started the session by splitting the group into to smaller groups. Five started on the Table tipping and five started on the Ouija board. At first the glass didn’t move even with the encouragement from the group to spirit. After some time the glass started to move very slowly around the table then went to hello. Saying hello back to the spirit that had joined us, they went on to tell us that they were male and German and fought in the WW1 and during battle his plane was bombed from the sky. The spirit failed to give us his name even with the group asking politely.
On the table tipping, the table started rocking back and fourth but very slow. As the table became a bit more active through asking spirit to come and move the table more for us, we asked them to tip the table to the right if they wanted to communicate through the table to which point it tilted to the right. Establishing a yes and no answer by asking spirit to tilt to the right for yes and the left for no, we discovered the spirit that came through was connected to one of the guests. A girl came through who used to go to school with two of guests and had died young, but just wanted them to know that she was ok.

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