The Experiment - Ghost Hunt Events - 2016

The Experiment

Paranormal Investigations are different from our Ghost Hunts.
The difference is that on our experimental evenings and paranormal investigations we set up lots of our monitoring equipment, like our controllable remote cameras, our CCTV systems and equipment that we don't usually bring to our ghost hunts.

We also try to get some tangible proof that the spirit are in the room with us and can hear and see what we ask of them.
We are also experimenting with ideas that were first suggested and encountered by Harry Price - Ghost Hunter - in the 1930's and guests will participate in an experiment that Harry Price devised to prove that spirits exist.

Whilst one group are participating in an activity another will be monitoring and asking the question to be answered by the participating group. Results will be relayed in real time. After a pre-determined time, the groups swap.
The Ghost Hunt Events team will be available in the 'Hub' room instructing the guests on what questions to ask, how to investigate and what to watch for on the screens.

In each session the investigating group will use rooms with distinctly different objectives to gather evidence.
We will also try to repeat experiments with all groups and if activity allows we will try more complicated experiments as the night progresses.

The style of the event is different.
The whole purpose of the event is for you to be investigators for the night and participate in a controlled experiment. We sometimes try these experiments during our normal ghost hunts, for instance, ask the spirit when using a ouija board or writing planchette to write/draw a shape or to draw the number that was picked by another guest from a small selection.
Sometimes this is very successful, but rarely do we have the time to repeat the experiment or for all groups to try the experiment.
This event is designed for the more serious ghost hunter and for those seeking scientific evidence as we try different experiments throughout the night, hopefully repeatable and in front of all our cameras.

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