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Nothe Fort ghost hunt – 24-11-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

NOTHE FORT 24th November 2012

Group B

I took my first group to the area I had set up with Ouija Board, Writing Planchette and Glass Movement on a table.  The first session was slow to start, with only slight movement with writing planchette.  I tried  a séance circle with four guests – with all of us being swayed except one, however this person commented that we are probably doing it ourselves, when spirit promptly stepped forward and moved her – thus leaving her speechless.  Two guests also had their arms gently move up to their surprise.  After finishing the circle, we all stood in the room and were hearing taps on metal, but when asking spirit to do two taps to confirm it was them – this was inconclusive.

Group C

This session was move active – perhaps spirit getting used to us.  We had glass movement immediately – with the glass twisting and drawing a circle at request – moving a little faster when asked.  One person took his finger off, and when asking spirit if they would like that person to re-join to take the glass them, which it did to the guests surprise.  Those four guests  moved to the writing planchette and had some movement.  We asked spirit to give us a sound, of which we then heard a female giggle.  We all went to a small room nearby as the guests had been in there and had experienced high emf activity – however when Sean & Carl’s group came past they established the room had telephone and electrical cable that were causing it.  However before this, whilst in the room it didn’t feel nice.  We had heard a noise behind the glass, one guest felt a vibration under the table she was sitting on, and when 2 guests were left in the room alone they saw the telephone cable move.

Group A

Some of the guests had left from this group, therefore with only 2 guests left we joined Steve’s group. During the free session I took a group of guests to the Caponier.  This area is not open to the public and looked like it hadn’t been used for many years – giving it a scary feel.  After having a good look around, we were all grouped together to start a séance, when myself and a guest saw what we thought was one of the guests bend forward and run away down the dead end area.  When I went to check no-one was there.  We then started a séance, with two guests preferring to  be in the centre of the circle where they felt safer.  Whilst asking for spirit to make themselves known, we were hearing whistles, thumps and dragging noises.  (When speaking to Sean & Carl after, they were hearing these noises too).  Steve came by to check, and took all guests except two to other areas.  Myself and the two guests stayed in this area for 20 minutes, and whilst there we noticed all the noises had gone.

An amazing venue – can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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