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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 24-5-2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 24th May 2014
Rye, East Sussex

We were hopeful after our first ghost hunt at Rye Castle in April that similar activity would be repeated on this visit. We rarely get the same activity on two visits but nevertheless we can always hope. What we had this time had been experienced by guests before, but not all in the same night.

After splitting the guests into two groups, one group headed towards the Woman’s Tower the other with me onto the first floor of the Keep.

Starting a séance we were joined by a male spirit called Simon, who was wearing a red jacket with white bits and light blue trousers with a navy blue cap. Obviously either a guard or soldier and aged in his early 30s. On asking for Simon to move us he proceeded to move our arms, which when asked by the guests to be moved in a particular direction he obliged.

Simon also was able to pull people backwards, much to their surprise, especially Billy and Kelly (guests) and to the floor, and even when on the floor some of us were still being moved and pushed into more painful positions.

Many guests felt a strange but definite pressure of their shoulders, which in turn left them feeling as if they were being pushed to the floor. During this séance some off smells were experienced by the guests, sometimes it smelled of chemicals other times horse manure.

The second group to the Keep were joined by Simon (the spirit from the first group) and when asked to move us many guests felt arm movements but the movement wasn’t of the same calibre as the first group.

Once again some unusual smells seemed to “arrive” in the room, lavender and perfume were the nicer ones but the other was leather in the tanning process. At about the same time as people were starting to smell these unusual aromas the room seemed to get darker and the atmosphere of the room changed. Dennis and Tanya (guests) both saw a dark shape and presence by the terrace entrance. I stopped the séance at this juncture as Dennis said that he wanted to see what he could feel. Afterwards he told me that he felt threatened and had the flight or fight feeling. He had no idea why he had this feeling.

The atmosphere changed again, back to a familiar feeling although I have no idea what caused the changes or why. Since all the guests had now spread out throughout the Keep various groups of guests were feeling different things. Tanya and Sarah felt touches and odd feelings when in one of the cells and Dennis and Sam were experiencing the same strange sensations in different ways but neither could explain why they felt that way or what they had been threatened by.

A few guests wanted to hold a séance in the mortuary part of the Keep (the basement) so I joined the group there. Whilst I could not properly see the spirit I could feel their presence, as could the guests as we were all eventually moved by our arms into painful positions. Kerry (team) had the sensations and the physical feeling of being pulled backwards towards the cupboards. At the end of the session all of us felt very unsteady and had to lean or hold on to something to avoid falling over. This is a normal occurrence lately and something which we had not experienced often before the Woman’s Tower was refurbished, however since its refurbishment we frequently have times where people feel very unsteady standing and have to lean or rest of something and it happens in the Keep and in the Woman’s Tower.

In the upstairs of the Woman’s Tower I held a sitting séance and we were joined by Daniel a Second World War soldier and priest aged in his early 20s. He was able to move some of the guests hand and arms to “draw” invisible shapes and letters which enabled the guests to ask him questions and get some responses. Many times he said that he would make a noise, but we never heard any strange noises.

Once again this was a very good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity witnessed and experienced by the guests. This particular ghost hunt was more physical than some of our previous ghost hunts, although our next ghost hunt in August 2014 may be different as we will be using some equipment that we have never previously used at Rye Castle.

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