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Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Pendulum, Dowsing Rod & Writing planchette

These are considered the traditional tools of the trade because they have been used for many years to contact and communicate with spirits. They all have other uses too, from finding water and oil (dowsing rod) to healing people (pendulum) to tricking people (writing planchette). The purpose of these tools is to communicate with the spirits using guidelines practised over many years.

Both pendulums and dowsing rods are used for binary questions (i.e. yes/no, left/right, male/female, good/bad) whereas a writing planchette can be used in a similar way to automatic writing; asking the spirit to draw/write something. There are no limitations on what the spirit can do, only their own ability.

On events it is very easy to get “addicted” to the modern devices (KII, Ghost Pro, Ovilus) to get your evidence but there is a better likelihood to get a better answer or a clearer answer using these tools as there is little scope to misinterpret the answer. As with all tools or devices it depends on the questions or how you ask the questions as to the clarity of the answer. We like using these because of that reason. The answers can be personal to the user and the user can feel the answer and know what is right or wrong from how the pendulum or dowsing rod feels. The writing planchette is a little different because its ideal when several people use it at the same time (about 4) with the questioner (the person asking the questions) not touching it.

You can purchase these items from many places including pagan style shops, Rune or Tarot card shops and online at Amazon or eBay. Prices range from £3 – £20 depending on the style and quality of the materials.

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