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Thermal Photos

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Photo Review – Part One

We often get asked to have a look at photos and people ask us “Is this something?” “Is it an orb” or “is it paranormal” and the best answer we have is “that’s strange” or “we’ve never seen anything like that”. We have collectively taken 1000s of photos between all of the places we have visited over the years and we can usually say with some certainty if something is explainable. To that end we can tell if a photo contains smoke, rain, or foreign objects, as Steve spent an afternoon many years ago photographing flour, dust, smoke, water, mist, dirt, pollen, dead insects and many more loose detritus just to see what it looked like. So the best answer for any photo is “we don’t know” or “that’s unexplainable” because that’s the best anyone can offer, no-one can say for sure if a photo is paranormal because there is no definition of paranormal, only the unexplained. We will over the coming weeks try to give more of an explanation as what we think makes a photo unexplainable or the reasons that we deem the photo to be of a haunted nature.

Following on from our post about Thermal Images and evidence we thought we would explain some of our evidence, especially photos or videos because you the viewer have no other information about how it was captured or recorded. You weren’t there so you have no idea about the weather conditions either.
We will also explain some photos that were thought to be evidence before we ruled them out as being normal or explainable.

Firstly, the two thermal photos posted on our Social Media channels. The first image we captured at Harwich Redoubt we knew what it was, although we were really surprised to capture it.

One of my team happened to be holding the thermal camera when other team members were asking questions to the spirit via a Ouija board. One of the questions was “Can you show yourself?” the answer was “Yes” and then the team member saw a head and body appear on the screen about the size of a 9 year old girl (which was the spirit that the Ouija board group were talking to). Nothing was seen by anyone, they only saw on the thermal imaging camera the shape of a person. Thankfully a photo was taken of what was seen at the time.

The second photo was taken this year at Shepton Mallet Prison. A group of people had noticed that a figure was present when no-one else was around. This figure once again only was visible on the thermal camera, the group checked for reflections and anything else that could have made a humanoid shape and could find nothing that could have made this shape.

If it were a direct or indirect photo of a person it would have hotter areas and the colours would be different (reds, oranges and yellow) as blue is the coldest. For comparison here is a thermal photo of a group of people.

The area that this was taken was in a corridor as you walk towards the dispensary (where inmates would get their medication), a little further along in this area is the morgue.

We cannot say for sure if these photo are definitely paranormal, but we can say is that these were only seen on the thermal camera at the time, no-one saw anything in the room without the aid of the thermal camera.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Thermal Imaging Camera

A Thermal imaging camera is used by engineers (of many industries) to detect hot or cold spots usually within a building trade environment or rescue services (fire) to find heat sources and crime prevention. In an unusual way you could say that this detects the past (If you place your hand on a table and leave it there for about 30 seconds, then remove it. Point the thermal camera where you had your hand and you will see a clear thermal image of your hand). In the paranormal field we hope to record a thermal image of a spirit or a static object that has a heat source acting upon it.

Obviously, there are many reasons why something would be hot or cold and where the ambient temperature is either hot or cold will determine the usefulness of this device. There are also many occasions in the past where we have wished that we had a thermal camera, but the cost of these cameras is a limitation in itself. The user must be careful as many heat sources that have been spotted are the heat signatures of people who had been sitting in a seat or touching a door prior to the thermal camera being in the room. It is extremely easy to assume that something is strange when in fact there is a logical explanation.

We like it because it offers another dimension to our events, we have cameras that the viewer can see in complete darkness (IR cameras) and with this camera they can now possibly see other elements that our eyes cannot. This camera is also portable and easy to use.

Prices range from a few hundred pounds (in this instance about £400) up to £60000 for the state-of-the-art video thermal cameras. The best place to buy them is a specialist seller like ISSWWW although you can also purchase these at Amazon or eBay but they often are more expensive than going direct to the authorised reseller.

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Fort Borstal – 28th February 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 28th February 2015
Rochester, Kent

Hub Corridor with Carl

Session 1

Guests were handed ghost pros and K2 meters at the start of the session and briefed on how to use them.
Activity started almost immediately with all the K2s lighting at the same time into the red zone.
The ghost pros were active with spirit throughout the session.
Carl placed an interactive EMF bear at the end of the corridor with the laser grid set up pointing at the bear with the grid positioned on the bear’s nose so we could determine whether or not spirit had moved the bear. The bear was picking up on some type of activity as it lit indicating EMF spikes and temperature changes quite frequently during the session.
A voice that sounded like a “clearing of the throat” was heard in between Paula and myself (Wayne) which was distinctly not human. I sensed the spirit of a nurse in the area called “Alice” but this wasn’t confirmed by any communication devices, we also sensed a male spirit standing at the wooden doors towards the outside areas.

Session 2
(VIPs and Kym)

K2s and ghost pros were again active during the session with plenty of spiking into the red zone.
As with session 1 a few of us sensed the male spirit watching us from the same double doors. Myself, Carl, Louise and Emma (guests) could make out a solid shadow figure staring back at us with his arms crossed and leaning against the wall with his legs also crossed. He would move position every so often almost like his legs were stiffening up. So Carl used the thermal imaging camera focusing on the doors to see if he could document this. He managed to get a small dark mass to show on the screen and also a couple of temperature hits were also captured. We then attempted to communicate with this or any other spirit through the SB7 but had no voices come through.

Session 3

This last session became rather quiet, the guests were still having activity on the K2s and ghost pros but the bear was inactive and also no voices were captured on the SB7.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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