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Chaldron Church ghost hunt – 29-7-2011

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Chaldron Church, Surrey 29-7-2011

This was an unusual ghost hunt for me, as it was the first time that I was going to hold a ghost hunt that I had not already visited in the day time. I like to visit in the day time so that when holding a ghost hunt at night I am not disorientated in the dark. This was also a private ghost hunt and the area was one of long and interesting history. The Church is about 1000 years old.

We started by wondering around the church yard, this in itself was quite difficult as there are building works taking place, what looks like an extension which I think ruins what was an exceptional church, never mind the lack of respect for the graves which are being moved or the builders tools and machinery dumped or resting on gravestones.

We started with a séance and a male energy immediately came over, he gave his name as Jacques (or Jack) and he was a Canadian, he insisted that his grave was on the other side of the graveyard from 1930s and that he was 23 years old. There was also another female spirit present who gave her name as Elisa, she was from the 1950s wearing what I would call horse riding attire, her hat however looked like a trilby hat wrapped with a scarf, which was mostly brown and purple in colour. She also told me that she drove a Triumph Herald and had passed away in a car accident, which she admitted was her fault entirely for driving too fast. Elisa then proceed to rock Nicky (guest) from side to side and then more forcefully forwards and backwards. Elisa also lifted the hands of Nicky & Laura (guest) and Roma (guest) and me. Various lights were seen during this séance as well as rustling noises and strange noises which seem to come from inside the fence surrounding the building work.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP experiment and although not very audible there were two EVPs recorded. After this many photographs were taken. Some of these photos are in our Ghostly Gallery
From here we walked around to the other side of the graveyard to look for Jacques gravestone, after a while we found a gravestone which matched the name, the year and the age of the spirit. His full name was Johan Gordon Jack von Arx born August 1915 and died April 1939.

Spirit activity in the rest of the graveyard was very minimal and the local boy racers seemed to use the lane beside the church as an area where they could test the volume of their car stereos.

We decided to move on to an area of woodland that Nicky and Laura knew well. Whilst walking across the edge of the field I saw a spirit energy ahead of us who was a monk, he was also carrying a basket. Once into the main path of the woods, both Nicky and Laura were feeling edgy and nervous. A spirit by the name of Trevor stepped forward, he was a tall man about 6’3″ and of stocky build and he came across as being a bit simple, although he was approximately 40 years old he seemed to act like a teenager and as I held out my hand, as he was a cold energy I felt that he was crushing my hands. So I asked Nicky & Laura to hold out their hands, which they did. Laura’s and my hands felt like they were being stretched with the little finger being pulled away from the rest of my hand. Nicky & Laura both felt a tingling sensation although Laura’s fingers were also being stretched.

During this time Nicky was still very much on edge and unusually did not take any photos. Whilst we were standing still as I had just called out to spirit to make a noise an animal possibly a fox cub started yapping. This was the final straw for Nicky as she just wanted to get out of there. As she said afterwards she felt as if something bad was going to happen if she didn’t leave.
Although the spiritual activity was in my opinion quite good and at some point I may go back to this location as it had a certain feel to it.
Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
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