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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 16-12-2012

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 16th December 2012
Pluckley, Kent

The weather forecast for this evening was mixed, with some rain due in the early part of the night but more importantly that when we were due to be in the woods no rain was forecast. This was rather important because the pathways at this time of year are very muddy, let alone with the extra water from rain.

I started the ghost hunt in my usual place, as it is a very active area and guests always feel something on this path, sometimes they also see paranormal occurrences and take some very interesting photos.

We were joined by Philip a male spirit energy who passed away locally in a motorcycle accident, this particular spirit energy I have seen on a number of occasions. There was also a female spirit energy although she seemed shy and didn’t want to communicate with me. However there was lots of activity on our KII meters and on our communication equipment.

During the séance some people wanted to remain outside the circle, which was not a problem although this did not stop the spirit energies affecting them.

Several of the guests in the séance circle felt spirit move their arms and push them gently.

After I finished the séance, Perry (guest) wanted to be pushed as he was being affected throughout the séance even though he wasn’t in the circle. I placed my hand lightly on his shoulder and the spirit energies pushed and pulled him, which he found surprising.

Our second location (after venturing through more mud) we had lots more communication via our electronic equipment and lots of activity on our KII meters.

I set up the laser grid, but nothing was seen in this. I also turned on my SB7 (a spirit box, which scans the FM radio stations in reverse at 100ms) and we heard the name “Philip” plus “Hi”, “Hello” and some other names, none of which were the names of people present (which is what I asked for).

Unfortunately this session was then brought to an abrupt halt as it started to rain and we started to make our way toward the cars, just in case the rain didn’t pass then we would be nearer the cars than stuck in the woods, which weren’t offering much protection from the elements.

Fortunately by the time we had walked onto what is my final area of the woods the rain had stopped and we could continue with the ghost hunt. Once again there were lots of activity on our KII meters and lots more communication on the electronic equipment.

I noticed that we were being watched by a strict female energy, she was aged in her late 40s and gave me the impression of being a school mistress. Perry was drawn to a particular area of the woods, so we all followed.

Several guests took some photos in this location because it felt odd to them, to me it felt very active. Many of the guests had some very interesting mist photos at this point as well as some “weirdness” to them. One guest said that the spirits name was Geoffrey, (which it was and the electronic communication equipment confirmed it) but the fact that she had got it right she found scary. Perry also felt a physical touch on his shoulder and at first thought it was me, but when he turned his torch on, he could see that I was nowhere near him and neither was anyone else.

At this time I conducted an EVP (electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and there were many responses but only one that is clear to understand. This can be heard at:-

As we were walking out of the woodland, some guests heard the sound of a metallic clink, which they described as being similar to the sound a blacksmith would make when hammering out horse shoes.

This was a good ghost hunt with quite a lot of physical and auditory paranormal activity witnessed by the guests and fortunately the weather did not hamper the ghost hunt.

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Lowndes Arms ghost hunt -13-10-2012

Friday, October 26th, 2012

The Lowndes Arms ghost hunt 13th October 2012
Whaddon, Buckinghamshire

Initially we were asked to undertake a ghost hunt at The Lowndes Arms for The Sun newspaper back in July 2012. After that event and the activity that we recorded we thought it would be worthwhile holding a public ghost hunt.

On the night there were two groups, one based downstairs, and the other with me upstairs.

In the first group we had some KII activity and some small amounts of communication via our electronic devices; however I decided that it would be better to hold a séance to get the spirit energies to interact with the guests.

A male spirit called Michael joined us, he was about 33 years old and a stocky build and he told me that he was a local farm hand and had passed away in 1850s (he wasn’t sure of the exact year).

Whilst Michael was able to move some of the guests arms, the thing that really surprised us was the amount of force that he was able to put on some people and drag them down to the floor and he was also able to push groups of people into one another. During this séance there were strange noises heard near the floor, creaking and groaning. Considering the other group were downstairs it was unlikely that anything that they were doing would make this kind of noise. It wasn’t floor boards moving either as I asked the guests that were nearest to the noise to jump up and down and this made no noise.

Also whilst we were holding the séance the motion sensors that we had set up in the corridor were periodically set off (this happened on the first investigation in July).

After a short break the second group came upstairs with me.

This time however there was a very high level of KII activity and during the séance part of the evening the guests really felt the spirit energy of Michael who was more than happy to move their arms and push and pull them. All of the guests felt Michael move them in some way and several guests were swayed. John & Steven were pushed together and then down on more than one occasion.

Once again we could all see the motion sensor lights set off more frequently than the first group and this time there were no noises similar to what I heard with the first group, although there were still some strange noises heard within the room.

At one point one of the guests felt his bum being touching which he found to be amusing and a little worrying at the same time!

A various times many of the guests were twisted (as if they were dancing) although some of the guests did feel unwell, however given that the spirit were manipulating us into some very uncomfortable positions and twirling people (sometimes on their own) and swaying and pulling people down, it is no wonder that some people felt a little sick. Although all of these feelings stopped as soon as we stopped doing the séance.

At the end of the session I conducted an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were quite a few spirit responses after the guests questions, however some of them could not be interpreted clearly, the best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in which many of the guests felt the spirit energy move them in ways that they never thought possible. Everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we also recorded some excellent video and audio evidence which will be published as soon as it can be verified by our experts.

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Bicknor Church & Woods ghost hunt 2-3-2012

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 2nd March 2012

When we arrived at the church there was evidently a group of people in the church yard trying to experience ghostly activity or their own paranormal investigation, so instead of annoying them, we made our way down to the woods, which are far more active than the churchyard.

The evening was virtually perfect in my book for ghost hunting, thick fog and no moonlight, it made the woods seem even more dark and spooky than normal.

After walking for about 10 minutes I stopped where I recognised some of the trees from one of our previous excursions and we held a séance.

A male energy by the name of Roger joined us and he came across as being a flamboyant or theatrical type of person, as he was wearing what I call a flowing shirt, baggy and made of rich material. He looked very similar in appearance to Russell Brand!

Roger however told me that he was a carpenter and worked in Chatham during the 1870s and he was 27 years old. Roger was a fun loving spirit energy and he proved this by manipulating Russ (guest) and my arms and generally making people laugh as he made his way around the circle.

Another male energy joined us, a farmer 70 years of old who first told me his name was Gerald and then Geoffrey, whether this was his full name I do not know. Although in the following EVP experiment he did clarify.

Both the spirit energies physically moved guests, Russ was pushed into Kim and Simon was pushed forward much to his surprise.

Simon also commented that he saw red sparkles of light further along the path and behind me during the séance.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment. Usually we get maybe one or two possible EVPs from this experiment but on this occasion I recorded eight questions and six had some response, four of which could be very easily understood. The second one below is probably the clearest EVP I have ever recorded.

After walking a little further along the path I decided to divert from the main path and into the woodlands beside some very old trees, it was a similar patch of ground that the very first time I came here that strange things happened during that investigation. Strange things happened on this one too.

After attempting to use my laser grid, which although was interesting, didn’t prove to be very useful as the fog and mist distorted the laser, or rather the mist highlighted the beam from source to whatever the beam hit, it looked like a giant spiders web.

We formed another séance circle, Roger from the first séance came back and this time he was smoking a pipe. There was also another male energy called Tom or Thomas who was from 1500s and he told me that he was a settler and lived nearby to these woods. His clothing seemed to be all homemade and held together with twine.

First of all the spirits started to move everybody’s hands and arms and gave some guests a gentle push forward or pulled them backwards, then Russ exclaimed that Adam (guest) face looked whiter than normal, admittedly he was wearing all black clothing, but his face did seem to have changed to those who were opposite him. Russ even commented that he could see defined features on Adam which were not Adam’s. Several of the guests also saw red and white lights in the distance which were generally behind me and Adam, not torch lights but small pin pricks of light. Shadows were also seen behind me.

At one point Russ thought he saw someone poke their head out from behind a tree; however this could have been some branches that were attached to the tree. There were many noises heard by everyone, these noises sounded like footfalls rather than animal sounds.

Adam decided that he would leave the circle, and as soon as he did then the movement felt by all the guests increased dramatically, guests were pushed over and across the circle and the majority of peoples arms were raised to the same level.

When I announced that we were leaving the woods and asked spirit to do something memorable as a finale, the spirit activity surged and suddenly we were all being moved in some way, some guests were pushed on to the ground, unable to get up of their own accord and then as soon as we have composed ourselves we were pushed to the point that everyone got tangled up in some sort of ghostly game of twister!

Guests saw green lights against the church when we were standing beside the road and some guests noticed that a strange coldness seemed to come from the direction of the church.

Once again this was a very interesting ghost hunt and one which the spirits seem to enjoy as much as we did, the level of activity felt by the guests is probably greater at this venue than any other of our outdoor ghost hunts.

Spiritualist Medium
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