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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 6th June 2015

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 6th June 2015
Chatham, Kent

Given that we have investigated Fort Horsted a great number of times over the last four years, I have never held a séance in the hanging room. Strange really because the Hanging room is known for its paranormal activity and why it is called the hanging room.

Having just two groups but three team member sessions meant that each team member had one session off and could join another session or investigate on their own.

Both groups in the Hanging room felt the spirit called Damien who was aged in his early 20s, quite a happy person who was a soldier from the Second World War.

In the first group Craig felt angry for no obvious reason although he said that it made him feel that he wanted to hurt someone. Steve also became affected and felt sick and unwell. Other guests felt the spirit lift their arms and push them gentle forwards and backwards.

The second group had lots of movement in this room, with Damien exercising his spiritual muscles so to speak, with people being pushed against the walls and being dragged by their arms to the floor. There was also lots of arm movement and gesturing of cutting someone’s throat, although the reason for this wasn’t explained by the spirit. Half the group were twisted and pushed together leaving the other half puzzled as to why they hadn’t been moved.

There are many reasons why some people don’t get touched or moved but by far is resisting the spiritual movement, not being relaxed and not encouraging the spirit to do something. Standing in silence is not encouraging to the spirit.

All in all another good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 9th May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our second visit to the museum and considering the time of year we had planned to use different buildings as it is light later in the evening. However some of the team who came in February wanted to use the same rooms and buildings.

I chose a building called C-Mag (Magazine).

This is one of the older parts of the museum and this magazine felt interesting. A magazines room is where gunpowder or ammunition would have been kept.

Both sessions we were joined by a male spirit called Chester who was a Navy man aged in his early 30s and quite a stern type of person from Second World War era. Chester wasn’t a talkative spirit although he did oblige when asked by the guests.

Chester was able to move the majority of people’s arms and push and pull people. Some of the movements were very gentle when moving the ladies whilst other times very forceful but this only affected the men. The arm movement was on command and the pushing and pulling back only happened to a few people, usually when they least expected it!

On several occasions a few people would be pulled to the floor by their hands and arms, this was also unexpected but not forceful, it was just like a heavy weight being applied to the shoulders, which in turn made each person slowly kneel down.

In the first session at various times we called out for spirit to repeat sounds that we were making, on one or two occasions we heard a whistle back, or a knock. All of these sounded like they came from an adjacent building although this was strange because there is no adjacent building!

In the second session although we asked several times nothing unusual was heard.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with all the guests having some form of paranormal experiences in one of their sessions.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 2nd May 2015

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 2nd May 2015
Rochester, Kent

This event was a little unusual since there were less guests than we are used to. So each team member held a session in different parts of the fort doing different activities so the guests had a normal ghost hunt.

The first session was a table tilting and Ouija board session in the Caponier where there was a male spirit called Cecil who was severely burned along his right side that affected his face, arm and leg. Cecil was responsible for the table being twisted and “walked” around part of the Caponier.

There was also a female spirit present; Annabelle who was a cook from the Second World War era she was trying to communicate via the Ouija board.

The second session was my séance session held in the Counterscarp Galleries. We were joined by a spirit who I have encountered before, his name is Bernard although he prefers the nickname Biffa. Guests were pushed, swayed and had their arms moved but only when I was near to them, not just the people either side of me but the people next to them, so I had to move around the circle for everyone to feel these movements.

There were different spirits watching (although not interacting) us than on previous visits, although these spirit may join us again or it may have been a one off.

Towards the end of the session some guests were shaking because they were cold whilst other guests were extremely warm and some guests felt cold on one side and heat on the other side of their bodies with several people having one cold hand and one warm hand. There didn’t seem to be a logical reason for this as it wasn’t a cold night and the Counterscarp galleries are sealed from the outside air.

The guests then went to participate in a tech and gadget session in the old Cartridge Stores.

After the controlled sessions the guests participated in their own style ghost hunt as we allowed them to visit any part of the fort that they had used in our controlled sessions to hold their own ghost hunt or to hold their own vigil. During this time we let the guests use our equipment.

Whilst this was not a usual ghost hunt, many guests had an excellent ghost hunt and had a paranormal encounter that they could not explain or something that they hadn’t experienced before.

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 28-3-2015

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 28th March 2015
Chatham, Kent

Fort Horsted holds a special interest for us as a team as this was one of the first indoor locations that we investigated plus it was also the venue that we joined the US Ghost Adventures crew and filmed with them in 2012.

As usual I picked a room that was furthest away from the base room for all my sessions. All the group sessions in this room we were joined by a spirit called Andrew, he was a Second World War spirit who was tasked to load the shells onto the cartridge and shell lifts.

The first session there was also a female spirit who I have seen before in this room, her name was Annie and she was a nurse, however all the movement was caused by Andrew. He was able to lift and move the majority of people’s arms, twist them but when anyone asked him to move their arms he obliged. He was also able to rock, sway and move people, pulling them down by their arms to the floor, although for once no-one ended up on the floor. (I usually ask for this, but didn’t on this occasion). He also manipulated some people backwards, pushing them beyond the centre of gravity, a bit like moves from “The Matrix” film!

The second group to this room also had their hands lifted but the activity was less than the first group because half the group failed to get involved, we always say in the opening talk if you want stuff to happen you have to get involved, if you stand in silence then nothing will happen and that is exactly what happened with half of the group. Although one guest felt something brush past him, he likened it to a person tugging on his jeans, similar to how a child might.

The third group to this room, probably had some of the most interesting movement out of all the groups. Nearly everyone had their hands lifted and moved, sometimes on command, sometimes not! People were pushed backwards and swayed, rocked and pushed. Several times my hands were pulled to the floor and then “wiped” on the shirt of another guest, much to our amusement. Other times they were lifted as high as the guest could stretch.

After visiting the whistling tunnel where not much happened with any group we went into a room upstairs which is the reverse of the Hanging room, this is a room where the cartridges and shells would have been lifted into and then carried to the guns on the top of the fort. I have visited this room in the past but never for any length of time, but it is weird in here, so I took each group here on our way back to the base room.

We were standing around the room and listening to the wind outside, a spirit called Cecil joined us and he seemed to have a deformed left leg, it looked like a birth defect rather than an injury, he was also a Second World War soldier and he made everyone feel light headed and unsteady on their feet as many people were swaying and rocking. Jason (GHE camera) had to move away from the stairs as it felt he was being pushed towards them.

The second group to this room, myself and another guest felt like our feet were stuck to the floor a bit like the feeling if they were set in concrete. Cecil was in this room although I’m not sure he was responsible for this feeling. Once again some people were swaying although this time no-one felt any sensations of dizziness apart from Jason (GHE camera), who seemed to “Zone out” and when I shook him (as it looked like he was asleep standing up) he seemed disorientated and confused and said that he felt he wasn’t in the room. Later in the evening this happened to another guest who visited this room. I asked several times for Cecil or any other spirit to make a noise, several times we heard knocks in response to what I asked, sometimes the knocks were heard before I finished talking. We will try to confirm these incident from the video that we recorded.

The third group in this room had some odd experiences, one lady couldn’t climb the steps so Jason (GHE camera) stayed with her at the bottom of the staircase. We could hear them talking at times. Once again people generally felt strange in the room and when I asked for noises to be made in the room we didn’t hear anything, then we all heard the sound of someone with heels on walk away, at first we thought it could be the lady with Jason, until someone pointed out that she wasn’t wearing heels or shoes that could make that noise, then we heard chatter. When we left the room and met up with them both, neither of them were wearing shoes that could have made the noise we heard. Unfortunately we will have nothing to back up this claim as Jason had the camera (which was off) and was downstairs at the time and the both of them heard nothing. The chatter also wasn’t them as they had already left to head back to the base room.

After we had held three controlled sessions we left the guests to go off on their own under guidance from us to do their own style ghost hunt or to investigate rooms on their own. During this time we allow the guests to borrow our ghost hunting equipment. We checked up on various groups of people throughout the night, although this was made more difficult because of the time change from GMT to BST!

Many guests went into the room we used for various session and some felt the same sensations that other did. Especially the “Zoning out” sensation and the feet stuck to the floor sensations in the mirror to the hanging room.

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt with some great guests who thoroughly enjoyed their paranormal experiences at Fort Horsted. We’ll look forward to seeing them again at other venues.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 24-5-2014

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 24th May 2014
Rye, East Sussex

We were hopeful after our first ghost hunt at Rye Castle in April that similar activity would be repeated on this visit. We rarely get the same activity on two visits but nevertheless we can always hope. What we had this time had been experienced by guests before, but not all in the same night.

After splitting the guests into two groups, one group headed towards the Woman’s Tower the other with me onto the first floor of the Keep.

Starting a séance we were joined by a male spirit called Simon, who was wearing a red jacket with white bits and light blue trousers with a navy blue cap. Obviously either a guard or soldier and aged in his early 30s. On asking for Simon to move us he proceeded to move our arms, which when asked by the guests to be moved in a particular direction he obliged.

Simon also was able to pull people backwards, much to their surprise, especially Billy and Kelly (guests) and to the floor, and even when on the floor some of us were still being moved and pushed into more painful positions.

Many guests felt a strange but definite pressure of their shoulders, which in turn left them feeling as if they were being pushed to the floor. During this séance some off smells were experienced by the guests, sometimes it smelled of chemicals other times horse manure.

The second group to the Keep were joined by Simon (the spirit from the first group) and when asked to move us many guests felt arm movements but the movement wasn’t of the same calibre as the first group.

Once again some unusual smells seemed to “arrive” in the room, lavender and perfume were the nicer ones but the other was leather in the tanning process. At about the same time as people were starting to smell these unusual aromas the room seemed to get darker and the atmosphere of the room changed. Dennis and Tanya (guests) both saw a dark shape and presence by the terrace entrance. I stopped the séance at this juncture as Dennis said that he wanted to see what he could feel. Afterwards he told me that he felt threatened and had the flight or fight feeling. He had no idea why he had this feeling.

The atmosphere changed again, back to a familiar feeling although I have no idea what caused the changes or why. Since all the guests had now spread out throughout the Keep various groups of guests were feeling different things. Tanya and Sarah felt touches and odd feelings when in one of the cells and Dennis and Sam were experiencing the same strange sensations in different ways but neither could explain why they felt that way or what they had been threatened by.

A few guests wanted to hold a séance in the mortuary part of the Keep (the basement) so I joined the group there. Whilst I could not properly see the spirit I could feel their presence, as could the guests as we were all eventually moved by our arms into painful positions. Kerry (team) had the sensations and the physical feeling of being pulled backwards towards the cupboards. At the end of the session all of us felt very unsteady and had to lean or hold on to something to avoid falling over. This is a normal occurrence lately and something which we had not experienced often before the Woman’s Tower was refurbished, however since its refurbishment we frequently have times where people feel very unsteady standing and have to lean or rest of something and it happens in the Keep and in the Woman’s Tower.

In the upstairs of the Woman’s Tower I held a sitting séance and we were joined by Daniel a Second World War soldier and priest aged in his early 20s. He was able to move some of the guests hand and arms to “draw” invisible shapes and letters which enabled the guests to ask him questions and get some responses. Many times he said that he would make a noise, but we never heard any strange noises.

Once again this was a very good ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity witnessed and experienced by the guests. This particular ghost hunt was more physical than some of our previous ghost hunts, although our next ghost hunt in August 2014 may be different as we will be using some equipment that we have never previously used at Rye Castle.

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Charlton House ghost hunt – 3-5-2014

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Charlton House ghost hunt 3rd May 2014
Greenwich, London

This was our first ghost hunt at this location and we were unsure what to expect, although from my initial visit some rooms had more promise than others. However we know from experience that at night things and rooms can seem a lot different. I picked one of the largest rooms and also the room which I chose when I visited in the day time.

Whilst I was walking the rest of the team around with the caretaker who was unlocking the doors as we walked, we walked into the very room that I had chosen for all my sessions and then on the way out of the room a waste paper bin was in the middle of the corridor, none of us remember it being there when we started as we didn’t walk around it.

The first group to the long gallery room, (which was fully wood panelled) we started a séance and were joined by a Second World War Captain called Christopher. He told me that he was sent to this house during the war years to recuperate.

Christopher was able when asked to lift the arms of some of the guests and one particular guest was pulled backwards at various intervals which really surprised her, because it wasn’t as gentle as some of the movements, this seem to have more force which to stop herself falling over she had to take a step back.

There was also a female spirit present although she didn’t tell me her name but when this spirit was near to people they could smell on odd fragrance. It was similar to a strong bleach smell, although it wasn’t bleach.

The second group to the long gallery room had much more movement, mainly because they actively asked for things to happen to them, whereas the first group didn’t.

When we started the séance there were three male spirits in the room with us; a Doctor, a Major (Second World War Army) and another solider. All three were able to move and touch people and lift our arms on command. Many people were pushed, swayed and pulled backwards and two guests (Dan and Nadine) reported feeling odd sensations in their knees. These sensations were like numbness although all those affected knew their knees were not numb but could not describe the sensation. Stuart (guest) was gently rocked back and forth, not dissimilar to being on a boat. Dan (guest) was also pushed and pulled backwards and another guest (Nikki) was squashed between Stuart and Nadine as they were being moved.

At one stage during the session we all heard a dragging noise, similar to a wooden box being dragged over a wooden floor, but everyone heard this sound coming from different directions, however this may have been due to the acoustics of the room as the wood panelled walls made all sounds echo.

During the séance half of the group felt cold spots, which was odd because the whole building was very warm, the heating had obviously been set quite high as the ambient temperature in most rooms was 25 degrees Celsius.

When we moved into the adjacent room many of us heard footsteps in the room that we had just left as well as other noises which sounded like small items being dropped on to the floor. When Nadine and I were looked into the long gallery room to listen for noises I saw a female spirit, aged in her early 50s and similar to a teacher from the 1960s looking back at us. She didn’t say anything just stared at me.

The third group to the gallery room, we were joined by a female nurse spirit, her name was Anne-Marie and when I asked for her to move the guests arms everyone felt something eventually, but this nurse took a liking to Pam, Belinda, Courtney and Jenny (guests) and moved them more than the others. When I asked Anne-Marie to push or wobble the guests many people felt unstable and some were pushed forwards or pulled backwards especially Pam and Courtney and others felt light touches on their arms or shoulders.

During the séance we all heard another odd noise, it sounded similar to laboured breathing and a whistle was clearly heard by everyone. Once again several people felt cold spots which moved from beside different people. When we moved into the other room we had several responses to taps and knocks made by me as I had requested the spirit copy or repeat the knocks, the lighter I tapped the more likely the response.

After the controlled sessions we always allow the guests to go to any room of their choice and hold their own vigils, sometimes the team will join them, whilst other times the team will just oversee what guests are doing. I joined a group in a room that we didn’t use during our controlled sessions and met a young girl of about 8 years old who was bossy and a male spirit called Henry who didn’t like me at all, although I have no idea why because he never said. Two other team members were sitting on the floor on the opposite side of the room and both felt cold spots move around them. No other sensations or noises were heard whilst in this room although the room felt strange and odd but we have no idea why.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we hope to return to this venue in 2015. Many of the guests had some paranormal activity that they could not logically explain or things happened to them that defied physics.

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 26-4-2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 26th April 2014
Rye, East Sussex

Rye Castle is one of those special places, were it seems innocuous during the day time, but at night things aren’t quite what people expect. That’s why we like it!

Normally all guests are split into two groups, one group in the Women’s Tower, the rest with me in the main Keep, but this time we held a larger séance in the main keep first.

We were joined by Charles, a provincial bobby (countryside) who wore a large cape and carried a storm lantern and Clive who was a local petty criminal aged in his early 30s, wearing a white granddad shirt and green woollen trousers.

The séance started with gentle arm movement, which is what I asked for and then spirit took this to another level by twisting our arms with other people and pushing people off balance. Many of the guests who asked to be moved, touched or pushed got their wish come true as spirit was able to move everyone eventually by pushing them forward and pulling the guests backwards.

At the end of the séance a familiar feeling was felt by everyone in the room, this is something that we have witnessed a few times before, but this feeling is getting more frequent. It is the feeling of being unstable when standing up, after a while all guests had to hold on to something or lean on something as standing unaided felt odd and many reported that if they didn’t they had the sensation that they would fall over.

Anyone who was standing near to the front window felt the sensation of being pulled into the wall, whether this had anything to do with the general sensation in the room remains a mystery.

Half of the guests stayed with me the rest headed into the Woman’s Tower, those with me went into the mortuary part of the tower, and this is now the lower part of the tower.

Some unusual noises were heard, although we all heard them we couldn’t explain what it actually sounded like, the noises were just plain odd.

Whilst I was talking to the guests a World War Two soldier joined us and it would seem just to listen to what was said because he didn’t interact with us. Going upstairs to the main keep into one of the old cells we met a fairly short male spirit his name aptly was Dicky who had been persecuted for killing a chicken. The guests in this cell were able to feel his presence.

Going into the Woman’s Tower one guest reported feeling a tightening sensation around her neck and throat and feeling dizzy. When I stood in the same spot I too felt much the same although the sensation of being dizzy was more prominent. As the session progressed the sensation of feeling dizzy, unsteady and general swaying became more pronounced.

There were two spirits present, one a young female spirit aged in her late teens and a male spirit who took a dislike for me. Whilst we were here in the tower we heard a strange breathing noise, like someone who had difficulty trying to breathe or someone taking their last breath. When I asked for the spirit to touch or move people Katie (guest) felt nauseous. When we were in the lower part of the tower we all heard footsteps on the concrete steps leading to the upstairs and walking across the floor above us, we were the only people in the tower at the time and the tower doesn’t adjoin anything.

At the end of the evening all the guests were in the keep whilst Ted, the museum guide was locking the Woman’s Tower and we were watching on the CCTV. There was a chain that when put in place across the room seemed to sway, nothing unusual in this, but it took a very long time to stop swaying and then when it nearly stopped, it started swaying again. We wondered whether this was due to Ted shutting the door and creating a draft, but as we watched the swaying get more pronounced Ted walked into the Keep. This continued for at least 5 more minutes before coming to rest.

Once again a great night and our first for 2014 at Rye Castle, hopefully the rest of our ghost hunts at Rye will be just as active.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 18-4-2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 18th April 2014
Rochester, Kent

This particular venue is a favourite with many of our team, the reason behind this is that we now know what areas of the Fort are the most active and can more or less guarantee some form of paranormal activity when in those particular areas. We look forward to every visit because this fort is very active, very haunted and although we know what to expect, we still get surprised by what happens to the guests.

As always I choose to hold my sessions in the Counterscarp galleries, not only is the area very interesting as it involves walking through a very long tunnel, but it is also the most physically demanding as the staircase goes underneath the dry moat. The level of activity here changes from one investigation to another although there are always similar experiences felt by the guests.

The first group we encountered a male spirit who I have met before in this particular part of the Fort. His name is Biffa or Bernard to his mum, aged in his 30s and another spirit called Justin, both it seems were prisoners who were put to work to build the fort in the late 1800s.

The séance session started with some gentle arm movement, mostly on the instructions of those who asked for it, those guests who didn’t say anything or encourage the spirit to move them remained stationary. Once those guests who were actively encouraging the spirit to move their arms they then asked for the spirit to move or push them. Within a matter of minutes several guests were being pushed, swayed or pulled backwards. Some people were also being moved in circular motions.

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries felt some movement but the majority of the guests wanted to ask questions and conduct their own ghost hunt and use their ghost hunting equipment. It transpired from their questions that the spirit that was present was also a prisoner who had murdered his mother, a dog and prostitutes of Rochester. This spirit died in prison.

On our way out several of us clearly heard footsteps behind us as we walked out of the tunnel and back to the main part of the fort.

The third group we were joined by a familiar spirit (to me) his name was Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World War soldier. Daniel started to move the hands and arms of the majority of guests which quickly transpired into twisting people’s arms together. Several times the people either side of me felt a weight in their arms which resulted in us being dragged down to the floor by our arms. Michelle (guest) said that she didn’t want to face the floor but no matter how many times she said this and resisted the sensation, she ended up on the floor!

Many people of the group were being pulled downwards by their arms, but once on the floor the movements continued and several guests and I were pulled backwards so that we were lying on the floor. This has happened before but never have so many people been involved, it was a chaotic scene with people not only on the floor but arms entwined and to the point where none of us had any idea how we could untangle ourselves and remain holding hands. The spirit however knew exactly how to untangle people, although this wasn’t a quick operation.

At the end of this séance session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. The results of this will be published at a later date.

Unusually I decided to hold another séance with the intention this time of the spirit moving everyone in turn so that all the guests could feel and hopefully know that they were being moved by unseen hands rather than being pulled by someone they were holding hands with. Daniel complied with this and moved everyone in more gentle ways by pulling them backwards so that each person had to take a step back to avoid falling over. During this time and to avoid people being consciously aware that they were moving all the instructions to the spirit were asked by me as thoughts, therefore none of the guests knew who I was asking Daniel to move, the guests only knew it was them when they found themselves being moved!

At the end of our controlled sessions, we allow the guests to go to the areas that they want to, to conduct their own ghost hunt or to experience a particular area on their own. I joined a group in the Caponier during a Table Tilting & Ouija board session.

As soon as I entered the room I saw a spirit that I had not seen before. He was called Cecil, who was a well-spoken Second World War soldier who was busy moving a table at guest’s request.

I also joined in with the Ouija board which is something I don’t often do, because as I was explaining to the guests I ask questions about things I want to know the answer to, not what the spirit did when they were in a physical body nor anything to do with my life. I want to know the answers to questions which are more spiritual in nature. The spirit energy who was called Robert, another World War Two soldier answered by using the letters and numbers of the Ouija board. Below are the questions and answers.

Q: What colour is the sky in the spirit world?
A: Red.
Q: How many levels of the spirit world exist to your knowledge?
A: 3
Q: What is the largest animal in the spirit world?
A: Oup, a whale

After asking these I then asked the spirit to use the numbers as a scale of difficulty (0-9) for different activities that we ask of all spirit.
Glass work = 3, EVP = 7, Table tilting = 8, Ouija board = 3 or 4, Séances = 9, Manifestation or moving inanimate objects = 99

This was an excellent ghost hunt, with lots of people feeling, sensing and experiencing paranormal activity first hand and participating in paranormal experiments that they had not encountered before.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 16-11-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 16th November 2013

Tonight myself and Sue spent the evening in the Caponier of the Fort, taking 2 groups on separate sessions, each beginning with a short circle to build some energy in the room for spirit to use. We split each group down in half to give each a chance to try both activities, table tipping and The new Spring Ouija board.

Group 1: As the group had been split, I just had the three guests to try out the new Spring Ouija board ( a round Ouija board that has an upper level which spirit is able to bend, a little like table tipping). This is the first time we had used this Ouija board so had no idea what to expect, and as we are the only group that goes to Fort Borstal, I am pretty sure spirit had never seen one either! Although we had some initials given to us, RS, 16 years old and 1956, at this point the top of the board did not move at all, and all information was given by spirit in the conventional way.

We then swapped with Sue’s group, us going over to try table tipping. The spirit that began to move the table was very strong, and seemed to be very responsive to both Jack and Liam, (guests) tipping rapidly and firmly between the two of them. This remained continuous until the end of the session. The boys seemed quite baffled, as neither could explain the movement of the table as I had come away and it was only the two of them touching it.

Group 2: Again Sue and I split the group down as before,4 on the Ouija (including myself) and 3 table tipping. The first group on the Ouija board had a great experience. Although we had no significant information given to us to begin with, spirit had by this time realized that the top part was able to be moved! When asked for, spirit began to tip and twist the top in all directions and genuinely seemed to be having “fun” with it. We asked spirit if he ( I say he, it very much felt a male energy) was able to push the top right down so that it would knock on the base to which he obliged on more than one occasion. We then used tipping in 2 directions, one for yes, one for no. We were able to work out that spirit was 67 years old and had been a Sergeant in the Army, although not certain, I would say WW2, as it didn’t feel to be an extremely old spirit.

Sadly, when we swapped the groups over, no more movement was received on the board.

Jo Titcombe & Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

On this event I spent the evening in room 36 and The Whistling Tunnel, using various different electronic devices, taking four groups separately. In all sessions we began with a short 5 minute circle to build energy in the room.

Group 1: Although we had some information given to us via the ghost pro ( a device in which yes/no question may be asked, and spirit can flash the light accordingly to answer, e.g. one flash for yes, two for no), this was by far a more audible session. As a group we all heard footsteps coming towards us and a strange dragging noise in the tunnel leading to the room, which could not be explained however hard we tried! There were also some strange dark shadows in the door way, which most of the group witnessed.

Group 2: This session was very similar to the previous one, much the same information on the ghost pro, a male spirit who had worked at the Fort during WW2, a very private man, not wanting to say to much about himself. Also the spirit of what seemed to be a lady cleaning, we all heard something that sounded like a woman humming a tune during this time.

As well as the ghost pro, we also used a device called Ovilus 3, which allows spirit to use their energy to create a word. Strangely enough spirit told us Dirty (relevant to the lady cleaning possibly?) Spirit also used the word Soldiers, on more than one occasion. After a while we moved from 36 around to the whistling tunnel, where the entire group again witnessed shadows and heard footsteps coming towards us. We also saw many flashing lights at either end of the tunnel.

Group 3: This was the quietest session of the night, although some flashes on the ghost pro and slight k2 activity, there was not really much to report.

Group 4: I had a group of young lads in my last session of the night, and I have to be honest, I thought the worst, that maybe they were a bunch of jokers. How wrong was I! They spotted a stack of plastic chairs in the room and wanted to sit down, so I suggested we sat around in a circle quietly and see what happens. Once we had made ourselves “comfortable” we began to ask out. I had a Mel meter (an all in one temperature Gauge, EMF and rem pod) on the side, about 6ft away form everybody. I asked spirit to walk toward the Mel meter and set the rem pod (lights up and alarms when the energy field is interrupted) off. This happened immediately, and then when asked for again a few minutes later, the same happened. Since I have owned this piece of equipment, it is the first time it had happened, so I was impressed!

Again we all heard footsteps in the tunnel, but this time, spirit did the amount of footsteps we asked for. During this time we had the Ovilus 3 on in the back ground. It said 6, followed immediately by 6 footsteps. Almost as if spirit was now telling us what he was going to do! Throughout the session, there were large temperature fluctuations, and whistles repeated when asked for. All in all, a very interesting hour!

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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