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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 27-12-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 27th December 2013

Area: Bedrooms 6 & 7

Equipment: Ouija Table, Writing Planchette, Table Tipping, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

With my first group we all started on Room 6, and all guests had an opportunity to try the rods & pendulums.  All were moving, to guests requests, and they swapped around to try both.  We then tried the writing planchette, but with only little movement I split the group.  Some stayed in room 6 and tried scrying in the mirror, whilst the others went to room 7 and tried the Ouija table.  The glass started moving, so we asked if spirit could try an experiment with us.  I had number cards, and I asked a guest to choose one card, not show to anyone including himself, and we asked spirit to take the glass to the matching number on the table.  We tried this three times, and although the glass moved to numbers, close sometimes, but none were correct.  The spirit did confirm she was Alice who often visits us on the ghost hunts here.  In room 6, guests were seeing an older female in the mirror, wearing glasses, and with grey curly hair.  Back in room 7, the glass was continuing to move, and we were asking the spirit to take the glass to the oldest person, the youngest, the guest with a dog, and the guest with the most children – all were correct.  The glass seemed to move in often random ways, lots of twists and turns.  The guests also thought of shapes for the spirit to draw with the glass, and to their surprise it did.

With my second group we started in room 6 using the rods & pendulums.  After lots of movement, we tried the writing planchette but no movement this time.  Some guests went to room 7 to try the Ouija table, others stayed in room 6 to try scrying.  Changes were seen in the mirror by guests.  Room 7 – the glass started moving very quickly.  It spelt out the name Carly – which was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit spelt his name as Nunc, from 1474, and was married to Carly in a previous life.  Asked if she was a good wife the glass moved first to no, then to yes.  They had 3 children – 2 boys and 1 girl.  They were married for 23 years.  We asked spirit to move the glass with only Carly’s finger on it, and it moved slightly twice.

With my third group we again started in room 6 with the rods & pendulums.  Lots of movement was experienced by all.  They tried the writing planchette, but no movement.  Then all went to room 7, and had slight movement from the glass at first.  After a while the glass moved faster, and kept moving to K & L.  This was one of the guest’s initials.  It then kept going to the word GO then the letter S – this was her dad’s initial – was the spirit telling her to visit her dad?  We then asked spirit to move the glass in rapid circles, asking the glass to stop & change direction several times, to which it always responded.

Now the free session, and with some guests saying they wanted to try some table tipping, I joined some guests in room 7 to try this.  After a very short while the table started creaking, and very gently lifted up one side, staying there until we asked the spirit to take the table back down.  When we asked for the table to be lifted again, it very gently lifted up and held the table in place again.  At this point Steve (medium) came in and told us we had the spirit of Margaret with us, she had been a school teacher in life.  Asking if she had done table tipping before, she said yes at Kelvedon Hatch with another ghost hunting group.  With a lot of encouragement Margaret was able to move the table to our request, lifting, twisting, spinning, changing direction always at our request.

A fab end to the night – and 2013!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Rowfant House – 6-4-2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Rowfant House ghost hunt 6th April 2013
Crawley, West Sussex

This was the first time Rowfant House had been investigated by Ghost Hunt Events or any other ghost teams, so we were all very excited about tonight.  I had two bedrooms upstairs, rooms 7 & 8.  There was an uneasy feel about room 7 and my challenge for the night was to establish what may have happened in that room.  Steve did have some knowledge but wouldn’t give us this information.

My first group were members of Surrey Paranormal, and as they had years of ghost hunting experience they enjoyed the opportunity to have free rein.  Some of the group were ‘sensitive’ and were able to pick up on the spirit(s) in the room.  We started in room 7 and almost everyone felt a tightness in their chest with difficulty breathing.  The group felt a female spirit was present who had died in this room, possibly by being hit over the head.  Some guests felt a sharp pain on their right temple, especially when sitting on one side of the bed.  Charlie was hearing a faint heartbeat, and felt pain in his lower rib cage.  It was felt the lady was in her 20’s, had plaited hair and was a maid or worker in the house.  We thought she may have been pregnant.  Various guests had the following names for the spirit; Eleanor, Martha, Mary, Maureen, Margaret and Marlene.  As we were leaving to go into room 8, myself and Bob noticed that Charlie was sitting on the window seat unresponsive.  As we both sat next to him he suddenly burst into tears.  Charlie said he felt utter sadness, he was in a dark place, completely bereft and everything had gone, and had the name Eileen.  He felt he was feeling the female spirits pain.  We spent some time doing some scrying in room 8, and everyone could see a male in the mirror with a long dark beard, and long dark hair.  As we were leaving the bedrooms, a guest thought she saw a dog on the landing, we found out later that a black Labrador had died in that place.

With my second group we identified a male spirit on the ghost pro, possibly the man that killed the female.  We decided to use the pendulums and dowsing rods, which the guests enjoyed.  We asked questions to the male spirit and were pleased to receive the same answers (yes or no) on both.  We felt he killed the female, but didn’t mean to, and had loved her.  We again tried scrying in the next room, and a man was seen with a dark beard and hair, also a wide nose.

For my third group we were surprised to have our first KII activity – continuous throughout, so surprised we kept checking all our mobiles were turned off, which were.  We again used the dowsing rods and pendulums to answer our questions.  We then went into room 8 to do some scrying, and again guests saw a man, with evil eyes and pointed ears.

As we came downstairs some guests were standing in the corridor and thought they had just heard a dog bark and a door bang, but couldn’t establish a logical reason for this.  At this point Ian (Manager) said he often hears a dog bark, among many other strange things.  We all enjoyed hearing about the experiences of the staff, and can’t wait to return in the future.  Great night!!

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Timeball Tower ghost hunt – 9-3-2013

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The Timeball Museum ghost hunt 9th March 2013
Deal, Kent

We have held several ghost hunts at The Timeball and every time something odd or unusual has happened, on this occasion it was no different. The venue is a small venue so we don’t hold fixed groups, instead we allow all guests to wander freely and I join them frequently to see if the active spirit will do some physical to them.

The first session on the upper floor a Fisherman called Frank was present, he was aged in his 40s and whilst holding a séance he was able to gently move some people’s arms. There was also a French girl present, her name was Anne Marie and she was in her 20s & wearing a blue & white dress. She had very noticeable long brunette hair. Several of the guests reported some strange cold spots.

The second session we recorded some EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) experiments, however nothing notable was heard during the analysis. Whilst asking out to spirit to make some noise we all heard some gently tapping on the floor and on the table. This tapping could not be another person since the whole group were in this room at the time. We were joined by a male spirit called Daniel who was aged in his early 50s. Daniel was a very camp character and generally rather playful and sarcastic in his responses. Daniel was quite a tall slim man but had a “professor” looking hairstyle which reminded me of typical 1970s hair styles.

After this session we tried to do some scrying in one of the middle floor rooms. An older gent who was approximately in his 80s with a small face was trying to superimpose his features over a guest, but unfortunately the guest could not see it. There was also a female energy present called Maddie and was dressed in typical 1950s attire and she wore a yellow & red flower summer dress, but once again the same guest could not see any change.

The fourth session we tried some table tilting, well actually the female members of the team and guests tried table tilting with little response. There were three spirit energies present; Elisa, aged in her mid-50s who was a working girl, Jenny, a young 15 year old watched over by her father (who I couldn’t see clearly) and Daniel (the character we met in an earlier session) however the spirit Daniel suggested to me that if the men were on the table he would move it, so three of us placed our hands on the table. I was not expecting much because I don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to table movements and generally it doesn’t work for me. However to my surprise the table gently glided across the floorboards making no noise in an anti-clockwise direction and then abruptly rocked and moved in a more determined motion, all without making a sound. When asking whether the table could be moved in the other direction (clockwise) the table only rocked. After we finished with the table as no more movements were felt several of the men reported being touched in strange places, namely all below the waist, which was very likely of Daniel as he was that way inclined!

Using the Ovilus (a device that converts EMF pulses into words) several words were heard by everybody although there were no “stand out” moments. We tried some glass movements on a table and once again this only worked for the men twisting violently and the majority of the time the glass travelled two thirds over the edge of the table. Many shapes and numbers were “drawn” on command plus some other random movements.

The final session was another EVP session in one of the quieter rooms. There were several responses to the guests questions, however only one was clearly audible and that can be heard at

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt which had many memorable moments for some. We will be returning to this venue later in the year.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel – 29-12-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

RED LION 29th December 2012

I started with my first group in Room 6.  We established we had the spirit of Jack with us (using the Ghost Pro) who I had met before.  Jack said he would be happy to communicate with us using the Ouija table.  We had gentle glass movement, with the glass twisting when asked.  We heard a noise in the room, and on investigating believed it to be a wooden frame being banged against the wall.  We then moved to Room 4 and immediately had spirit showing their presence on our Ghost Pro’s.  This was Alice and she was able to touch guests in different places, and when guests asked Alice to confirm it was her by touching somewhere different, a cold touch was felt there also.

I took my second group to Room 6 first, and using the Ghost Pro, the spirit of Jack confirmed he was still with us.  We had some slight movement with the glass on the Ouija table, then turned on the Spirit Box, to which we heard a female voice saying “help”.  We then went to Room 4, and using the Ghost Pro’s the spirit’s of Alice, Jack and Michael confirmed they were with us.  One guest said they felt a cold touch on their arm.  Two guests took it in turns to try Scrying (looking into a mirror and asking spirit to step forward and show us what they look like).  However it wasn’t until we left the room, one of the guests came up to me and after seeing the person who was looking into the mirror in the light, he described what he saw; a man with a goatee beard and pointed eyebrows – the guest did not look like this!

For my third group we went to Room 6 only, and was very fortunate to have some amazing glass work on the Ouija table.  The spirit of Alice was with us, and all the guests had the opportunity to ask Alice to answer some personal questions only they would know.  Many times asking the questions in their head.  This brought happy tears to some, and total amazement to all.  We were able to think of a shape and Alice would draw it.  When asked to draw circles, fast and slow, and change direction, Alice would do what we requested immediately.  I then asked Alice to draw short random movements, which she had done on a previous ghost night at the Red Lion, which she happily obliged.

For the fourth session, we had the spirits of Alice and Michael with us, but had no glass movement at all.

For the final ‘free’ session I went with four guests to Room 4, and guests tried Scrying.  Other guests watching were able to see facial changes, and one of the guests doing the scrying kept seeing her face going dark, although the guests watching couldn’t see this.

Great night for our last ghost hunt for 2012!!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate ghost hunt

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Walpole Bay Hotel Ghost Hunt in aid of The Children’s Trust – 18th February 2012

This ghost hunt was held on behalf of The Children’s Trust, all proceeds from the event went to the charity.

We started the evening in the alleged most haunted room. Room 310. A male energy stepped forward and gave his name as Edward, he was gentry without a doubt, aged 29 years old and from 1910 he stood about 5’6” in height and wore a pin stripe grey suit with a black top hat and a silver topped cane. Edward proceeded to give a little evidence to the guests by lifting their arms gently.

After this session we decided that we would have a roving ghost hunt, since we had access to several rooms on each floor and therefore let the guests wander from room to room to see what they could sense or pick up with our equipment. Since we did not want to disturb guests of the hotel later in the evening this seemed a good idea and it allowed the guests to investigate on their own.

Later in the evening we were trying a Scrying experiment with some of the guests in the downstairs female toilets, as the energy and the general feeling in this area was not a good one. Many of the female guests and a member of my team did not relish the idea of using these toilets as they had a bad feeling. Many odd noises also emanated from within the toilets, but on every single visit inside the door, whatever the noise was, stopped instantly. During the scrying experiment the guests saw the features change on whoever was sitting in the “hot seat”

Whilst I was in a room on the second floor we came across a female energy who told us via our communicator equipment that she once owned and managed the hotel. Within the same room another female energy was present, a maid, however neither of these energies managed to either make a noise that we could hear nor affect any of the guests.

Some of my team had had sessions in room 310 in the meantime where strange knocks had been heard and at one point they were in response to the taps and raps being asked by the people in the room. Whilst the guests were in another area, myself and a colleague re-visited room 310 to see if we could record these raps and taps on our audio equipment. On entering the room we noticed that there was a strong pungent smell of lavender, which considering we had both been in this room before along with all of the guests at various times throughout the night and at no time prior to this visit had either of us smelled lavender quite so strong.

For our final session we spent this in the ballroom downstairs as when I was in the room alone, there were many strange sounds like whistling coming from the direction of the ladies toilet and when I entered  the room I thought I heard a piano playing, however there was no piano in the room.

We had lots of communication with spirit via our communication equipment in the ballroom and spirit were responding to our taps and raps and repeating them more or less on command.

During various EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments, audio anomalies were recorded, some however we have been able to ascertain what exactly has been said in response to our questions, two are easily understandable and are available to hear.

Below is a photo taken by one of the Ghost Hunt Events team members which shows a very odd image on the wall or in the mirror, we cannot be sure as no other photographs of this room were similar, we have tried to re-create this effect on a mirror, but have been unable to do so.


Strange Photo from room 310

Strange Photo from room 310

Whilst we cannot be sure that this is of a paranormal nature, we also cannot be sure that it isn’t. You decide.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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