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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 26-4-2013

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 26th April 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is a strange place, during the day it a favourite location for walkers as the place is very serene and wonderful views over East Sussex towards Reigate. At night the atmosphere changes and although not in a scary way, but the location seems to have a more watchful feeling. Many guests often feel that they are being watched especially when we are standing around in the area that used to be the Manor house.

This night was no different. Whilst standing in parts of the current landscape, which would have been indoors in the past many people felt uneasy, although our KII (EMF) Meters lit up as the spirit walked amongst us. Our communication devices also allowed the guests to talk to the spirit energies.

Richard (guest) felt strange tingling sensations in his neck, not around his neck, but he said that it felt as if something was manipulating his neck muscles, which he also said felt quite nice, as it was similar to a massage.

After a period of time, we moved away from the remains of the Manor house, as the spirit energy contact was getting less and more sporadic and walked into the woods.

We were joined by a spirit energy called Thomas who was 67 years old, mostly bald and of a thin build, 5’11” in height who was an engineer in life and wearing a blue and white striped shirt, and the sleeves were rolled up. Although he didn’t tell me the era that he was from, by his mannerisms and how he spoke I would have said that he was from the 20th Century.

I started to hold a séance circle, as in the past this has been very fruitful. Once again various people within the group started to feel their arms tingle. Richard also informed us that it felt as if something solid was holding his bicep, like a cane or a walking stick.

Emma (guest) had her arms moved by Thomas and she also felt dizzy and sick at times, this seemed to occur when her arms were moving.

Since Thomas didn’t seem to have enough energy to move some people, I moved around the circle to assist with the energy requirements. When I was standing beside Katie (guest) her arm with me moved suddenly that it surprised her, she was also questioning the movement, so I asked her boyfriend to ask which way her and my arms should move in his head. There is then no way that either Katie or myself are going to know what he asked in his head. Katie was then really surprised when our arms moved and in the direction that was asked for, twice!

After the séance some guests left as they had moaned since the start that it was cold, I asked them why they were not wearing the correct attire for the conditions (a warm coat for instance), given that we were standing on a hill at midnight in April, to which they answered that they didn’t think it would be this cold. It was about 7 degrees Celsius and with a keen northerly wind and completely clear skies.

Those that remained, the spirit energy Thomas had not finished and as we stood there he was able to gently push and sway people, we were not holding hands at the time and the guests found this very strange and exhilarating at the same time.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena A.K.A. ghost voice) experiment. There were answers after all the questions, but unfortunately the majority of these were too quiet to hear properly or when amplified the recording was distorted.

The only one that is audible is my question and that can be heard at:-

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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